An Idea…

But first…I got another negative HPT this morning and still no sign of my period.  I’m now getting super frustrated.  I’ve never had a cycle this long without getting my period except that one (now a miraculous) time that I was pregnant.  I also have no more pregnancy tests as I only bought a two pack.  So I need to go buy more…I might just wait to see if my period shows up and if it hasn’t by Thursday morning, take another test before my consult with Oregon.

Has anyone had an annovulatory cycle?  Do you know why they happen?  Is it normal?  What should I do?

I ordered a new BB thermometer and it should arrive on Thursday so I can check and see where my temp is if AF hasn’t shown up…


I do a lot of work in the world of oncology (cancer).  I used to be the director of communications for an international non-profit supporting people with cancer and I currently do PR for various companies and non-profits in the oncology world.  If one is facing a cancer diagnosis, there are organizations and people to help you navigate the challenging decisions that come with a cancer diagnosis – which doctors, which treatment, how to pay for it, etc.

Over the past week or so, as we’ve thought out how we should or shouldn’t move forward with SIRM and looking into Oregon and Colorado, I’ve realized that it would be so much help to have someone who has done all of the research, understands the science and what novel treatments are available, etc.  Someone who will lay out the choose your own adventure path so that I can see what is ahead for me if I choose A, B or C…I want a patient navigator and there isn’t anyone who currently exists.

It might be my next brilliant idea that I put into plan.


We have decided NOT to move forward with Dr. Sher at this time.  The pressure that I felt just isn’t a good feeling.  I’ve decided to hold out and see what ORM and CCRM have to say and try one of those two first.  I’m leaning towards CCRM and I have the earliest appointment possible with them on Nov. 22 – Dr. Schoolcraft is not available until the end of December so I’m going with one of the other docs – Dr. Gustofson, who looks really young but if he’s on the CCRM team, I’m sure he’s good!


Gluten-free eating is still happening but keeping a food diary got tiring 😉  Still no hives!

Winston is so freaking cute.  He slept in my lap this morning while I took a conference call.  He’s now napping in the kitchen.  He slept all the way through the night and woke up at 6:15 to go potty.  He’s now completely paper-trained.  I’m so proud!

11 thoughts on “An Idea…

  1. An ovulatory cycle is the rarity for me, so I’m pretty sure our annovulatory cycles wouldn’t compare at all. Mine would be several months to over a year long. But with your regularity, you really have been dealing with enough to throw an annovulatory cycle in there, between a big move and all the stress of test results and what clinic to choose. Or, and I hate to throw it around lightly, it could be the p word. I’m still waiting for AF myself, and beginning to doubt my thermometer was working properly.

    A patient navigator would be amazing to have. Sounds like a great idea to me!

    Good luck with your consults! I hope things go so much better with one that your choice is clear, and you can stop worrying about that little bit, at least.

    And you’re making me want a new puppy so much!

  2. I agree with pp—a lot of people get annovulatory cycles every once in a while, and with all of your stress it’s not too surprising. It’s also possible that you could still ovulate really late, although I realize that’s frustrating since you’re not currently temping—keep an eye out for other signs, as well as for AF. It’s different for me since I have now been diagnosed with PCOS but I will tell you what my annovulatory cycles have been like. I am not counting the one after my miscarriage (which was about 62 or 63 days) because I don’t know for sure whether I ovulated then. My longest other cycles have been 39 days (I had two of them) and 35 (a few of them as well). In my case I always have positive digital OPK’s, but my temperature does not rise and stay up. It also feel like my body gears up to O several times in terms of signs (CF etc) and then stops and then gears up again. I hope your cycle doesn’t last much longer (unles you are pregnant)! I believe with my doctors they won’t give you anything to start your cycle until it’s ben at least 60 days (I’ve only got up there once, and in that case since it was post miscarriage they were going to make me wait longer). Anyway–I think yours would be different since it’s probably stress-related. Wishing you lots of luck!

  3. I love CCRM and all the Dr.’s are wonderful. Dr. G in my RE and he makes me feel so calm and hopeful yet realistic and that is important. I didn’t search around for other clinics I knew CCRM is that best so I just went there. They really make sure they check everything out before they start the IVF process which in the end saves you lots of money, also, their labs and embryologists are miracle workers. I will be watching to see what you decide.

  4. Annovulatory cycles are the norm with me, thanks to my polycystic ovaries. It is not rare to skip a whole cycle, and it is very annoying because you have to buy one HPT after another, and doctors sometimes insist that you must be pregnant and imply that maybe don’t know how to use an HPT… ugh. When this happens to me they prescribe Provera for five days and on day seven I get my period. I hate provera, so I wish your cycle comes on its own. Hopefully you’ll get all the information you need to make a decision you’re comfortable with. If you have time, post some puppy pics!

  5. That is a FANTASTIC idea, seriously. That would be an amazing business to start, and think of how many women you could help! I want in 🙂

    It’s probably just the stress that delayed your cycle, or maybe you are pregnant?! I’ll keep you in my thoughts!!

  6. Happy ICLW!

    I thought about seeing Dr Schoolcraft too. I might head out that way if IVF #2 fails.

    My I get cysts my period comes a week later……..or maybe you are pregnant!

  7. Dr. Gustofson is my doctor – and although he looks like he is 12, he is fantastic and really knows his stuff! The statistics he gave me when I started this process were spot on, and now we are finally 9 weeks on the right side of the statistics. Good luck with your appointments!

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