About Miracle In the Works

My name is Michelle. I’m 38 and my husband, MH, is 45. We were married in August 2010 after searching and waiting for the “right one.” We started trying to have a baby almost immediately after our wedding and just a few months later got a positive pregnancy test. A few short weeks later, I lost that baby in an early miscarriage. We were devastated.

On Friday, November 25, 2011, we got a surprise positive pregnancy test. This was the last natural cycle before we moved onto IVF.

On June 7, my water broke early (pPROM) at 31 weeks. I was in the hospital for two weeks before delivering our baby girl at 33 weeks on June 21, 2012.

This is the story of how we overcame fertility to get our miracle baby into our arms and home. It is also the story of how we live with the challenges of having a premature baby and the effects those struggles have on our life. Please join me on our journey and share in our experience.

4 thoughts on “About Miracle In the Works

  1. hi, you commented on my blog a while back when i was doubtful tht i was actually pregnant, just stopping in to let u knw tht u were right, things did turn out to be positive and i am now 8w 2days pregnant

  2. I just love your blog- your story is so similar to ours (TTC 2.5 years, early loss in December, now a surprise pregnancy before moving on to IVF!) Hopeful for our own take home baby at the end of November. : )

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