Journey to Parenthood

August 2010: Stopped taking hormonal birth control

October 2010: Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and started charting

December 2010: Got my first positive pregnancy test; we’re thrilled! 🙂 [TTC cycle #4]

December 31, 2010: Went to emergency room where a miscarriage is confirmed; we’re devastated 😦

January 2011: Avoided trying to conceive

March 2011: Started acupuncture and TCM

June 2011: Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve

July 2011: Begin Letrozole/Ovidrel trigger/IUI/Progesterone cycle#1 – BFN

August 2011: 2nd Letrozole/Ovidrel trigger/IUI/Progesterone cycle #2 – BFN

September 2011: TTC naturally and awaiting test results for autoimmune testing with Dr. Sher of Sher Institute of Medicine

Results from autoimmune testing are in with positive for activated natural killer cells; additional tests show no alloimmune issues 🙂

October 2011: TTC naturally

November 2011: TTC naturally and deciding where we will cycle for IVF: Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine or Oregon Reproductive Medicine

November 25, 2011: Surprise BFP – praying and hoping that this is our take-home baby!

June 21, 2012
Our beautiful baby girl was born 6 weeks early

3 thoughts on “Journey to Parenthood

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  2. best of luck in your upcoming cycle…wondering, did you make a final choice between ccrm or oregon? and how far will you travel to go to your chosen clinc?
    happy thanksgiving

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