Either Annovulatory or Pregnant…

I broke down this morning and took a digital pregnancy test.  I figured it’s CD30 and depending on when I ovulated, if I ovulated at all, it is 13 or 14dpo.  This morning after I took care of little Winston’s needs, I POAS and it said “NOT PREGNANT.”  I’m not surprised and also like normal I’m not too upset (yet).  It’s after my period starts that I fall apart…hopefully, it’s just too early to tell.  Also, I POAS with 2nd morning’s urine.  I was up at 4:30am with Winston and wasn’t up for testing at that time.

Of course, I never got a true confirmation of ovulation this cycle so it is very possible that this is my very first annovulatory cycle as far as I’m aware.  How will I know?  What happens in an annovulatory cycle?  How long can they last?

When I got pregnant last year, I didn’t test positive until 15dpo – though I might have tested positive earlier, I just didn’t test on 13 or 14dpo.  So, it is certainly possible that I’m pregnant and it’s just too early to tell.

So, I wait…and see


Winston is so freaking cute.  We’re realizing that he’s a country dog now in the city and freaked out.  He doesn’t like the noises of the city and has a very hard time eliminating outside – actually even on a newspaper in the house.  He finally went on the paper in the kitchen this morning and we praised the hell out of him.  We have paper towels covering little spots where he went all over our living room.  We’ve decided to confine him the kitchen for the time being until he learns.  I’m also going to get a bell so that I can train him to ring a bell when he needs to go.

If parenting a puppy is anything like parenting an infant, I’ve learned at least two lessons:

1) I woke up at 3am because Winston hadn’t made any noises yet and thus I decided that he was dead.  I decided that “they” would never let us have another dog because we failed Winston and couldn’t even keep him alive for 24 hours.  Finally, in between MH’s snoring, I heard him whimper in his sleep and then was able to fall back asleep.

2) I’m the stricter parent.  MH is definitely the one who will play and let our little one(s) just goof off and not follow rules.  I’m the one who will be the rule enforcer and make sure that he gets housebroken, etc.  It doesn’t help that I’ll be the one to train Winston and clean up after him while MH is at work…

Anyway, I’m super happy to be a Dog Mommy aka “Dommy” – which MH thinks is so dumb. LOL

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