Quick check in..

My mom and I are having fun. She took me shopping today for my birthday and christmas. We’re having a lot of fun with Winston too!

As requested, here are some Winston pictures. These show you what he does all day: sleep and play. And I try to slide in some potty training!!



I still have yet to get pregnancy symptoms. I haven’t tested for two days. MH is bringing home some digital tests tonight for me. I’m convinced that I am having an annovulatory cycle.

Tomorrow is my call with ORM.

Hope you all are doing well. I just haven’t had time to read blogs this week and will catch up soon!

6 thoughts on “Quick check in..

  1. He is too cute. I’ve got to stop looking back at those pictures or hubby will succeed next time he begs for a new pet!

    I hope you figure out what’s going on. And that you get some good information on your phone call!

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