Update: Dr. Sher Test Alloimmune Test Call Tomorrow

I’ll get the news on whether or not the alloimmune testing comes back with a match or not tomorrow.  I pray that there is not a match and that I have the “normal” autoimmune issues.  I’m terrified that there is a match but hope that there isn’t.

My call with Dr. Sher is scheduled for 1:30pm with a three hour window.  Please think positive thoughts for us.

I’ll update you all either once I process if it’s bad news or as soon as possible.


8 thoughts on “Update: Dr. Sher Test Alloimmune Test Call Tomorrow

  1. Hoping for good news for you. What prompted you to go gluten free? I just heard this morning on NPR that it really benefits very few people, yet many people seem to like it.

    • Hi Pearl, a few months ago, around the time of my first IUI, I started to get hives and they got progressively worse. I haven’t changed detergents, soaps, etc., so I don’t think that it is from any of those. I read that people with gluten allergies can have skin problems so I thought I’d try it…plus, I’ve heard there is a benefit for people struggling with infertility.

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