Results are in…plus day 2 of Gluten-Free

I’m relieved to say that Dr. Sher reports that there is not a match between MH and me. We do NOT have to deal with alloimmune issues. I am so relieved and thankful to whoever/whatever higher power exists. Your thoughts and prayers worked. Thank you!

I’m going to wait until after the weekend is over to call and confirm my participation in the December cycle. I should have gotten my period by then.

After the call, I got on the phone and called all of the Seattle area fertility centers to see if they support treatment of autoimmune disorders and none do. I was hoping that one of them did and we could try IVF closer to home. I’m disappointed. If you know anyone who does, please do let me know ASAP!

I also called Oregon Reproductive Medicine but they don’t treat it either – though they will work with someone who does provide those treatments. I just don’t know where to start to find someone who does that type of treatment. Does anyone know?

So, there is good news – we’re heading towards IVF. I just need to figure out soon where it is going to be. I’m at 96% sold with SIRM-Las Vegas, I just need to cover all of my bases and get all of my options out there.

I’m so excited – isn’t that strange to be excited?! But, I think it is because I finally have an answer to my fertility problems that I’m finally hopeful again!

Day Two:
Breakfast: same as yesterday – two rice cakes with peanut butter and honey (skipped the yogurt though)
Lunch: same as yesterday, salad with chicken breast, tomatoes, celery, blue cheese – though I made my own dressing (thanks BraveIVFGirl for letting me know my dressing might not be GF)
Dinner: planning to make GF pad thai

4 thoughts on “Results are in…plus day 2 of Gluten-Free

  1. That’s great news!! I think finding answers to all the “why’s” is half the battle, so I can definitely understand your excitement! I’m crossing my fingers for one amazingly successful round of IVF =)

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