Day One Gluten-Free: A Food Diary

How exciting!  I’m going gluten-free for 14 days and we’ll see what happens.  I decided that I’d do a food diary to help track what I’m eating and to make sure that I’m not eating things that I should be avoiding.  This is my meal schedule for the day:

Day One

Breakfast: two rice cakes with peanut butter and honey, yogurt

Lunch: chicken breast cut up on top of butter lettuce with chopped celery, halved cherry tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese (not sure that’s Gluten-free but oh well), balsamic dressing and a handful of salt and vinegar chips (gf, of course).

Dinner: curried whole chicken legs with carrots, rice and lime

Snack: popcorn, sliced apple with peanut butter

I emailed Dr. Sher this morning to submit my medical release form (I want to see the results of my autoimmune tests myself).  I was told that the results from the alloimmune testing are in and once they confirm they have everything they need to give me the results that there’s a chance that I could get my consult with Dr. Sher done tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  One stop closer to making a decision!  Of course, I’m hoping that I get a BFP this weekend but of course I know that the chances are slim.  So, do I go ahead and move forward now?  What if I get a positive?  Would they give back our deposit or is it lost $$?  So confusing.

2 thoughts on “Day One Gluten-Free: A Food Diary

  1. I have to give you credit, while I know that gluten free is healthier and will help when ttc, I have had to draw the line some where… Awesome job, me I am not cut out for it…

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