Duh! I figured it out…

So the reason why my temperature wasn’t rising was my thermometer!  It’s broken!  It is more than a year old and having been used almost daily for that entire time, I’m not surprised it pooped out on me.  I think that I did ovulate – whew – on Sunday.  The OPK that I took was its darkest but wasn’t quite as dark as the control line, so maybe I caught the rise on its way down.  The next day it was lighter, so I’m pretty sure I just misread the test.  I’ll get a new thermometer but I won’t start to use it until my next cycle.  I did however ovulate on the later side for my body but that’s ok.  We were able to get good BD time in and who knows, maybe we get lucky!

I guess that means I’m officially back in the TWW.  Without my thermometer, I can’t temp and will hopefully relax a little during this time.  I also should have known that I ovulated as I’ve been waking up every morning at 5:45am and can’t go back to sleep.  That is a typical experience for me in the LP.  Does that happen to you?

In other news, we are almost ready to announce our new puppy’s name.  We have one name picked out but MH wants to wait until tonight to make it final.  I can’t wait to share.  His new name is really cute and perfect for him as a puppy and as a mature dog.

5 thoughts on “Duh! I figured it out…

  1. That totally happens with me during ovulation! I get restless, and starving! It’s ridiculous that I can now time my cycles based on my sleep and eating habits!

  2. That sucks about your thermometer, but good you can relax without it 🙂 I get really restless and wake up early during the TWW, too! I will be keeping my fingers crossed tightly for you!!!!!!

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