Advice on Preparing for IVF

So, I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that we will do IVF.  I was reassured by Lindsey that even if I have an alloimmune issue that I can still be treated…so, I’m pretty sure that unless something really tragic is revealed with our Dr. Sher follow-up call next Friday that we are moving to IVF.

That said, I want to be sure I’m best prepared for IVF.  Are there things that I should be doing or not doing?  Did you add vitamins/supplements to your usual?

I’m anxious and need to control something and preparing my body and mind for this is my way of taking control.

I’m going to attempt to go gluten-free starting on Monday, so this weekend is my big binge on wheat and pasta weekend!  I found a great local store that puts signs on the items that are gluten-free so I’m going to shop there for the next two weeks.  MH and I also chatted and I told him it bothered me that he was so against me trying the gluten-free thing.  He admitted that he’s totally all for it as long as he doesn’t have to do it too 🙂  I assured him that I would not deprive him of his gluten!

Any advice on preparing mentally/physically for IVF that you have to share is greatly appreciated!


On another note, we decided to call our new puppy Winston!  I’m counting down the days to his arrival – 8.  If only getting a baby was as easy as getting a puppy!

Happy weekend, you all!

5 thoughts on “Advice on Preparing for IVF

  1. Tanks so much for your post today…it really lifted my spirit 🙂
    I too have an autoimmune aspect (endo, JRA) and RE1 felt they don’t really affect things, RE2 thinks they def do (dr Sher) and RE3 thinks sorta. Follow your gut. The logic is there, the proof really isn’t but everything in medicine starts that way!
    IVF is hard-physically and emotionally. My advice: make sure your relationship is good and Strong bc it’s going to push you. Physically be as fit as you can. Emotionall…oh boy. Keep busy, make plans to take your mind off of it, I did meditation cd’s each night to relax (circle and bloom and anaji or something like that!).
    Look at shers blog regarding supplements. He wrote one a couple weeks ago. I did fish oil (decease inflammation), l arganine, prenatal with folic acid and dha, co q10, and melatonin.
    Hope that helps and good luck with your consult! And thanks again 🙂

  2. Aw I love your puppy’s name!! 🙂 I hope you get pregnant before IVF 🙂

    I agree with the previous poster! IVF is an emotional and physical rollercoaster (sorry, don’t want to scare you). But it is totally worth it for your baby.

    Try not to be too worried about doing everything perfectly to prepare yourself. I know people that pretty much did nothing different and still were successful. I would take whatever supplements Dr. Sher recommends.

    Definitely get into meditation and stock up on good books that will make you laugh or keep you engaged.

    My most nerve-wracking moments were follie checks, since I didn’t have many eggs. I thought we wouldn’t get enough. But we ended up getting 9, which was amazing. It only takes one good one in the end. 🙂

    And of course, the TWW was terrible – I kept thinking it didn’t work! It did work though, but we had a chemical pregnancy. That was before I knew about my true problems though.

  3. Here’s what I have been able to cob together-if our histories are similar I would be glad to chat via email with you if it can help you at all-you can grab my email address from this comment!

    This is my current daily supplement regimen-I still will be adding 2 more to over the counter drugs to help with immune issues:

    This is the box I picked up to help keep all of the above things organized:

    And I cobbled this together to after I struggled like you to find out how to get through my first IVF cycle-

    Good luck!!!

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