Second Opinions…

I’m still stunned by my call with Dr. Sher yesterday.  It was scheduled for 4pm and I didn’t get a call until just about 4:45pm which is fine.  I was expecting him not to call on time – I have doctors in my family so I know what their lives are like.

He was very gracious and I was surprised to hear that he has a British accent.  I don’t know why but I was…and that is COMPLETELY irrelevant.  Anyway, after he gave me his “spiel” that he must give to everyone having an initial consultation, he went through my history and stopped to talk about the thyroid and my slightly elevated TSH levels.  He said that his biggest concern for me is that because of my thyroid “issues,” which he is not too concerned with, is the possibility of an autoimmune disorder.  The two that he mentioned are Hashimoto’s and natural killer cells, both of which I guess inhibit pregnancy much beyond implantation.  I need to do more reading on these.  So, he recommends that I get blood work done to rule out both of these possibilities.  Takeaway: get blood work to rule out autoimmune issues.

Next he went on to tell me about how great Letrozole is for women who don’t ovulate.  However, he said that since I ovulate on my own that I should NOT be taking the medication.  That it does not make for a “stronger” ovulation as my current RE indicated.  He said that it in fact could inhibit a perfectly good ovulatory cycle.  He also said that the dosage of Ovidrel that I’ve been using would need to be doubled in order for it to do a proper job.  Also, MH’s sperm count, etc. are fine and IUI with normal counts don’t increase chances of pregnancy.  So, he essentially said that me doing a medicated IUI cycle is a waste of money and an emotional roller coaster that I don’t need to ride (that’s for sure).  Takeaway: no IUIs.

Lastly, he went onto explain that the blood work and ultrasounds that led my current RE to give me a DOR diagnosis are incorrect.  My levels are appropriate for my age that while he agrees that I may be on the verge of DOR that I do not have it.  He says that he believes an antralfollicle count of fewer than six along with elevated FSH and corresponding AMH results would lead to a DOR diagnosis but my numbers don’t match up.  While I have had a follicle count of seven, I also have had a follicle count of 11.  He said that people including well-trained physicians frequently don’t perform follicle counts correctly.  Takeaway: I don’t have DOR.

As the conversation unfolded, I kept wanting to interrupt and ask one of my two pages of questions that I had for him.  He just kept on speaking and I was stunned.  I was expecting him to agree with the DOR diagnosis and to tell me that IVF would be the next step.  I thought he was going to tell me that I didn’t have time to waste.  Instead he said, “If you aren’t pregnant in one to one and a half years, call me and we’ll do IVF.”  He said take any money you were going to spend on infertility treatments and go on vacation.   Finally, the words that brought tears to my eyes were, “Call me when you get pregnant.”  Takeaway: Have lots of sex after the LH surge is detected.

I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have spoken to Dr. Sher, in part because of my new friend, Lisa B.  I came across her blog a couple of months ago when I decided to start this blog.  I sent her an email asking about her experience with Dr. Sher and because of her response to me I make an appointment.  Yesterday, Lisa also had a call with Dr. Sher.  Her call didn’t go as well as mine.  Today she is facing the devastating reality that she may never carry a child in her body or experience the pains of childbirth.  I’m thinking and praying for Lisa and everyone else who is dealing with the devastation of infertility that miracles can happen for them.  Please stop by Lisa’s blog if you have a moment and give her some <hugs>.  She’s given them to me when I’ve needed them and I want her to know how grateful I am to her.

In the meantime, MH and I are waiting for an offer letter to come in from a company where he interviewed a couple of weeks ago.  If the letter has everything that we think it will based on several phone conversations with the hiring manager, we may be moving in less than four weeks to another state but still on the West Coast.  We had already decided that if I don’t get pregnant this month that we’re taking the next cycle off to deal with moving, etc.  When we get to our new city, I will find a new RE and get a third opinion.  I’m hopeful and I trust that what Dr. Sher has told me is correct but I also feel like I need validation.  Call me crazy but I do.  I also want to make sure that there are no underlying autoimmune issues that we’re dealing with that might be preventing a pregnancy.  So, we’ll see.

The journey is far from over though.  I still need to get pregnant and I still need to stay pregnant for 40 weeks.

Thank you for ALL of your support.


In other news, I’m currently 11 days post IUI and 13 days post trigger.  I have pretty much ZERO symptoms, which is similar to last month.  I don’t understand because in so many of my previous cycles I had every possible pregnancy symptom imaginable.  So, I wait.  If I’m not pregnant and my body is the same as the last cycle, I’ll get my period on Sunday.  I won’t have to stop taking the progesterone in order for my period to start.  It won’t wait.  So, fingers crossed.  Sunday is the day!!  I pray that it is MH’s and my turn.

9 thoughts on “Second Opinions…

  1. I’m really, really happy that you got such an encouraging phone call. It’s got to be hard to believe something like that after struggling so long. But what a great thing to hear, ‘call me when you’re pregnant!’

  2. Thanks for your kind words on my blog and for sharing your phone call. What amazing words to hear from an expert – that you should try naturally? I think one of the scariest things about this process is that it seems it will just keep on going and going while everything escalates–the meds, the emotions, everything. How exciting to hear that the next step doesn’t mean more meds. I, for one, am a little scared of them at this point! Congrats and Best of Luck! Look forward to following you!

  3. Thank you so much – you are a sweetheart. I’m happy to help you anytime you need me.

    I agree that IUIs might possibly be a waste. Don’t feel bad though because we did 5 of them! And we don’t have any sperm count or motility issues. Maybe BD is the way to go!

    I tend to disagree that Femara or Clomid or other drugs are not good for people who ovulate on their own. I think they do help! Especially if you can get multiple follicles – more chances to get pregnant! IMHO!

    Also, it sounds to me like you have DOR. At least very close/borderline – which can still cause IF. I think you have a great chance of getting pregnant though. It just might not be as easy as it is for others.

    I hope and pray you get your BFP this cycle! Oh, and it might be good to get the blood work done. Check with your insurance though. Mine was pretty expensive. Email me if you need anything! xoxo

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