Diaper Bag Hunt

I never got a diaper bag. From this start, I just put everything into my everyday tote, a L.ouis V.uitton Never.full. It’s worked just fine until now.

We leave for San Francisco on Thursday and in thinking about how to carry everything that we need on the plane and while hanging out in the city, I realized that my current bag just isn’t going to cut it. It doesn’t have any closure and isn’t quite large enough to carry everything we need for a whole day out. Plus, the straps aren’t the most comfortable.

I went online yesterday and bought two Ski.p H.op bags. The Studio and the Grand Central. I want to see them side-by-side before deciding which one is for me. Luckily, I have prime, so they will arrive by Wednesday!

Do any of you have either of them? What do you like or dislike about them?

I also just ended up buying a pack-n-play and had it shipped to our hotel. A friend was going to lend us hers but ends up needing it. It would cost is almost as much to check it as a bag on the plane as it does to buy it, so we bought one and will keep it at a friends. We go back later this summer, so it will pay for itself and we don’t have to worry about it getting damaged on the plane. I just have to remember to bring our sheet along 🙂

I borrowed a carseat bag and an umbrella stroller. We will eventually have to buy some but for now borrowing is a great option!

Wish me luck on choosing a diaper bag! I’m such a researcher when it comes to making these types of decisions, I have a hard time in the beginning but usually end up happy! Any reviews and experiences with either of those two bags is appreciated 🙂

3 thoughts on “Diaper Bag Hunt

  1. I have a much smaller skip hop bag that I like, but I think both of your options are better than what I have.

  2. Good luck making your choice! I currently have three… Loved the first (it was a Carters I think? My dad got it for me!), but it was too small. I got the Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe for twins next, but wasn’t a huge fan. Things fell out of the outside pockets all the time, and eventually, the zipper broke as well. I just recently broke down and got one of the Kate Spade baby bags, and I LOVE it 🙂 I like that it’s big, but stays organized. Let us know what you choose! Oh, and have an awesome trip!

  3. Consider getting a gate check bag for the car seat, if you are gate checking it. They get dirty!!!! One of the things I like about my diaper bag is the long strap, so that you can wear it on one shoulder (or across your body), and still reach down into the bag while you are wearing it. I had one with two short straps, and it was impossible to get anything out of it while wearing it on your arm.

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