Diaper Bag Hunt

I never got a diaper bag. From this start, I just put everything into my everyday tote, a L.ouis V.uitton Never.full. It’s worked just fine until now.

We leave for San Francisco on Thursday and in thinking about how to carry everything that we need on the plane and while hanging out in the city, I realized that my current bag just isn’t going to cut it. It doesn’t have any closure and isn’t quite large enough to carry everything we need for a whole day out. Plus, the straps aren’t the most comfortable.

I went online yesterday and bought two Ski.p H.op bags. The Studio and the Grand Central. I want to see them side-by-side before deciding which one is for me. Luckily, I have prime, so they will arrive by Wednesday!

Do any of you have either of them? What do you like or dislike about them?

I also just ended up buying a pack-n-play and had it shipped to our hotel. A friend was going to lend us hers but ends up needing it. It would cost is almost as much to check it as a bag on the plane as it does to buy it, so we bought one and will keep it at a friends. We go back later this summer, so it will pay for itself and we don’t have to worry about it getting damaged on the plane. I just have to remember to bring our sheet along 🙂

I borrowed a carseat bag and an umbrella stroller. We will eventually have to buy some but for now borrowing is a great option!

Wish me luck on choosing a diaper bag! I’m such a researcher when it comes to making these types of decisions, I have a hard time in the beginning but usually end up happy! Any reviews and experiences with either of those two bags is appreciated 🙂


These are a few of my favorite things…

Now that we are out of the newborn stage, I’m loving a number of items that I think every mom should add to their list of must have items:

Nap Nanny – (currently off the market) which has sadly been recalled but is my lifesaver for sleeping with reflux

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Chair – (Amazon) this is an awesome piece of infant furniture that she loves to sit in. I also have the ridiculously expensive toy bar that goes on it but is worth it!

Ergo – (Amazon) she hated this carrier when she was tiny but loves it now that she fits into it more comfortably

Skip Hop Owl Gym – (Pottery Barn Kids) she plays on this mat every day, several times, a lot including tummy time

gDiapers – (diapers.com) these have turned into my go to cloth diaper. I love that they are a hybrid diaper. I’m still nervous about going out of the house with cloth so we still use pampers swaddlers out

Sleep Sheep – (PBK) this cute sound machine makes nice white noise, which helps her fall asleep every night!

Jewel’s lullaby cd -(gift but I think sold at BRU) this cd is filled with beautiful lullabies that help Roo fall asleep for her naps. I singalong and pretend I’m as good of a singer as Jewel (as if)

What are your go to items in the months following the newborn stage?

SOLD: VERY Gently Used or Brand New Lil’ Joey Rumparooz and Grovia Newborn CDs for Sale

Roo only wore her newborn Lil’ Joey Rumparooz Cloth Diapers a handful of times and half of them were never even worn – just prepped.  I have eight of them in a variety of colors (two white, two lux, two kangarooz, two gumball). One of them has a light stain that will come out if put in the sun but I never had the chance to sun it.  The others are in near brand-new condition including most which were never even put on her little tushie!  I purchased them for $120 and I will sell them for $75 (including shipping in the U.S. only) for the lot or if you prefer just certain colors, $20 for the pair plus shipping.  I made a big error in my math – call it sleep-deprived mommy brain – in my original posting.

I also have two newborn all-in-one Grovia diapers – barely worn too.  One  has a darker stain that will come out with a little more time in the sun but I never had the chance.  Those were purchased for $28 and I will sell them for $15 for the two (including shipping in the U.S. only).

If you are interested in purchasing these, please include email info in your reply in the comments section.  I think payment will be made easiest via Paypal and I’ll ship using USPS.

Below are some photos taken with my iphone – sorry for the quality:

From left to right: Kangaroo Lil Joey, White, Gumball, Zinnia, Grovia (owls and flowers)

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Do What You’ve Gotta Do

When I registered and purchased items for Roo, I did a ton of research to find the safest, healthiest items for her. I wanted organic, ergonomic items that would be good for her and the planet.

I wanted to be a baby wearing mama. Then she was born early and I didn’t get the chance to try to wear her until she was older. I had heard that the Er.go was one of the best carriers because it was ergonomic ally safe for baby and parent. Well, she hated it. She screamed her head off when we put her in it. So, I bought the Mo.by wrap. She hated that too. Same thing.

I sucked it up. I had always heard the baby b.jorn was an option that babies loved but people cautioned against because it isn’t ergonomically correct for the baby and can cause back problems for the parent. But, with my parents leaving, I had to find a baby wearing option. So, I broke down and bought it. The very first day it arrived, I put baby Roo into it. Like the others, she screamed when I put her into it. But then suddenly all was quiet. She had fallen asleep! I pinched myself because I could hardly believe it.

One of us has put her in it at least once a day and it has turned out to be my carrier of choice. I haven’t had any back issues yet but she is still very light. And, it is too early to know if she has any issues with her hips. But she is happy and so am I!!

I will try the others again later but so far so good! It’s another lesson in learning that this baby will make some of the decisions for me!! I need to give up that control and do what I need to do to survive parenthood and not do what is necessarily what I thought was best 🙂

Is there anything you’ve thought was best for you and your little one only to learn that he or she thought differently?!

More of My Favorite Things

If you missed my first list of favorite things, check it out here.  Those items along with these have been items that I’ve come to love in the first two months of Roo!

For a night-light, I wanted something that I could use in our room and later in her nursery.  I read about this awesome night-light that sits on your nightstand or anywhere else and is rechargeable.  This light is AWESOME!  The Oxo Candel.a Too.li.  Seriously, get this light!  I bought ours on Diapers.com

I hesitated to purchase a bottle warmer but with pumping and feeding her with a bottle a lot of her bottles were chilly from being in the fridge.  My mom went to BRU and purchased me the 1st Years Quick.serve Bottle and Jar Warmer.  So easy to use though Roo has very little patience once she decides that she needs to eat 🙂

I also didn’t decide until after Roo got home from the hospital that we needed a bottle sterilizer.  I guess because I originally wanted to exclusively breast feed and didn’t think that we’d introduce a bottle until later in her life.  The one that has worked well for us is the A.vent Microwave Steam Sterilizer (also purchased from BRU).  I like that it is easy and holds all of the parts of the Dr. B.rowns bottles that we use.  I also like that it is environmentally friendly.  I have friends and relatives who use the sterilizing bags but those can only be used two or three times before they have to be discarded.  No judgment 😉

Even though we are switching to cloth diapering Roo entirely, we used disposable diapers for most of her life so far.  The hospital got us hooked on P.ampers S.waddlers.  I really like them.  A friend’s son grew out of his newborn diapers quickly and so she gave me the rest of his disposable ones from 7th Gene.ration and I didn’t like them at all.  The bad thing about disposable diapers was that Roo got a diaper rash two weeks ago and we had to use diaper cream – Wel.eda, which worked and is supposedly cloth diaper friendly (though it left a stain) and the mother of all creams, De.sitin, which worked the best but isn’t cloth diaper friendly, so we went back to disposables for a while.  We will continue to use P.ampers S.waddlers when we need to use disposable as they work well other than giving her the occasional diaper rash.

Lastly, the little blue bulb from the hospital has been awesome!  I wish I had swiped another one.  I purchased the wacky nose bulb that you suck on but I have yet to take it out of the package.  I’ll probably use it once she is older.  I also have a comb that they gave us from the hospital and I love it.  The brush and comb that I purchase have also yet to be used 🙂

So, those are a few more items that have proven to be quite useful.  Are there other items that new mamas have enjoyed and would like to share and haven’t yet?!

Day 13 Bed Rest in Hospital: Things Always Get Better

Thankfully, no matter how down one feels the next day is always (almost) a better day!  Today was a much better day for me.  I got a really good night’s sleep and my morning monitoring was fine.  Roo’s heart rate was behaving, my contractions were non-existent or very minimal.  I took a shower, the nurse put fresh sheets on my bed.  It was a good morning!

A friend, Sandy, came to visit with her little daughter.  It was a highlight of my day.  They brought me a pasta salad that MH and I will have for dinner, a super cute onesie for Roo to wear when she gets a little bigger and best of all some rice crispy treats – my favorite 🙂  I loved having them visit.

This morning one of the 10 perinatologists came to visit me and said it is time for MH and I to start thinking about our delivery plan.  He said that the standard of care is to deliver PROM patients between 34 and 36 weeks.  He said many hospitals deliver automatically at 34 weeks and some allow their patients to wait until 36 weeks but this hospital prefers to go middle of the road at 35 weeks.  I told him that we were aiming for 35 weeks and wanted to stick with it.  He then asked which day we would like to induce labor as my turnover day to 35 weeks falls on a Saturday – we could choose Friday or Monday.  We just need to tell him before next Monday.  MH and I will talk about it tonight but I have my preference based on a conversation I had with my brother and sister-in-law who are physicians.  I’ll share with you which we choose once the decision is made.  Whatever the decision is…Roo will NOT be a spring baby!  She is going to be a summer baby with summer officially here!

I spent the last two days shopping online and buying everything that we need that I can think of that I’m missing.  My poor credit card is probably wondering what is going on but we need these things!  It’s kind of exciting.  I purchased:

Crib mattress: one of the Naturepedic Organic mattresses (the lightweight one)
Changing pad: Naturepedic organic with the organic changing pad cover
Crib Sheet savers (3 sets)
Ultimate Crib Sheets (3 sets)
Dust Ruffle for Roo’s crib
UppaBaby Cruz Infant Insert
Ergo carrier – I realize that I might not be able to use it for a while but I want to be ready
Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow
Nursing stool
Car seat protector – something that sits between our leather seats and the car seat preserving the leather seats
Night light
Nipple cream
Nursing pads (some washable cotton ones that a friend recommended) – I also have a box of disposable Medela ones
Diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper friendly so when I switch from preemie diapers to the newborn cloth diapers I can keep using it (if necessary) – Weleda
Maxi pads for post-partum bleeding
I found a super cute one piece preemie outfit online that I think would be cute for her take-home outfit; I decided to buy one that we can keep since I’ll need to return the majority of the ones that people are loaning us (THANK YOU!)

I’m overwhelmed thinking about these things but at least I got a lot of it using my completion discount (I went in and changed the due date from August to June).  A friend was telling me how much it costs for a three-day stay here out-of-pocket and I was astonished at how much it is – $35,000 for the three days with a vaginal delivery.  I’ve been avoiding thinking about what our bills will be.  Thank goodness we have good insurance.  We have a high deductible but at least once we got through that the rest should be covered – I’m sure we blew through our deductible the first two days that we were here along with the ambulance ride!

The best news from today – other than Sandy and her baby girl visiting – is that MH gets to take me outside for a 30 minute wheelchair ride!!  I can’t wait!  It is sunny and as it is the summer solstice today it should be sunny out for a long time!!!

So, yes!  Things always get better.  I know that there may be some more dark days ahead but at least I can find comfort in your support as well as the knowledge that the next day is more than likely going be better!

Happy summer solstice!!



Swaddle vs. Halo Sleep Sack

It appears that there are two very useful sleeping tools for babies.  The first is the swaddle, which seems to be used with infants to help them feel safe and comfortable as well as help them sleep.  The second is the halo sleep sack, which for those who have not yet seen one is essentially a zip-on blanket for a baby.  I’ve received a number of Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, which are great for both swaddling and for covering up during nursing.  They can also work as a spit up wiper in lieu of a diaper.  I found some organic halo sleep sacks at a consignment shop for $3 each, so I bought three of them.

My question is: how long does a baby prefer a swaddle and how old are they when they should move into a halo sleep sack?


A side note: This is my 175th post to this blog!  I can’t believe it and I thank you for following my often-times silly and mundane ramblings 🙂

Nursery – Furniture Order

We’ve made a decision on two major components of Roo’s nursery!  I’ll place my order today at Pottery Barn Kids – I’m taking advantage of a sale that is currently in progress – fingers crossed that the sale is still on when I place the order 🙂

We’re going with white furniture.  I had originally fallen in love with the Jenny Lind crib but I decided that I wanted something a little sturdier and could last until Roo is older and/or we have a second child, if we’re lucky.  So, we’re getting the PBK Sleigh Crib:

We’re also going to get the PBK Catalina dresser with changing table topper:

A glider is the last major piece of furniture that we’ll need to choose and I’m narrowing that down soon.  Part of my hesitation to make a decision has to do with not knowing entirely what color the nursery will be.  We have three rooms to choose from in our new house and each are different colors.  All three would work as a nursery and have good nursery colors but I’m just not sure which we will choose – MH has a different idea in his head than I do 🙂

I like the PBK gliders but I feel like the reviews are mediocre for the cost and so I’ve been researching some other options.  My favorite thus far is from a website called PoshTots.com.  Has anyone heard of this website?  They have some really gorgeous furniture!  The reviews of their gliders are positive on other websites and I’ve heard that customer service is good but there are no real customer reviews on the actual website, so I’m going on pure trust.  Each piece of furniture is made to order so they are not returnable – yikes!  This is the exact glider (Regal Glider) that I’m loving right now:

Do you have a glider in mind or do you already own a glider that you love?

You probably notice that I am not looking at a matching ottoman.  I’ve read that ottoman’s can be a waste of money and that instead I should get a nursing stool, which are around $40.  So I’m doing that and will get the matching ottoman down the road if I change my mind.

Hello, Hello!

Since I last updated, I’ve been to the East Coast and back!  I was gone for five days and part of me feels like it wasn’t long enough and the other part of me feels like I couldn’t get home fast enough to MH.

I left on Wednesday and was lucky to have gotten a first class ticket for the way to DC.  My OB recommended upgrading myself, if possible, and I got lucky!  MH bought me a pair of compression socks to wear on the long flight.  Even though I had those two comforts, flying was still uncomfortable.  I got up several times and walked the entire length of the plane to keep my blood circulating and muscles stretched out.  After flying this time, I confirmed that this is my last flight until after Roo is born.  I think she liked it though – she kicked during take off and landing!  On my way home, I wasn’t in first class 😦

My dad was in town and we spent some really good quality time together.  I saw some old friends and colleagues and even met a new friend – someone I met online following the loss of our first little one.  She is awesome and it’s so much fun to meet my online friends in real life!  I’m excited to see photos of her little girl, who is due to arrive about a month before Roo is due.  Hi Beth!

My high school girlfriends threw me a baby shower and it was so much fun!  It was low key and very much me.  In other words, there was good food, some fun games, time spent with friends (though not enough with each person because I felt like I needed to spend time with everyone), and some gorgeous presents!  Since they all realized that I was flying home with these items, I pretty much got a ton of clothes.  The outfits were so darn cute!  I can’t wait to put Roo in them.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to exchange some of them (i.e., the ones with tags still on them) because they will be too big for Roo and/or it will be winter by the time she’d fit into them and they are summer clothes.  For some reason, some people cut the tags off – argh! – of some of the clothes so I’m stuck with them even though they won’t fit her because she’ll be too big for them next summer.  I had the best time and felt very loved!

Some really awesome friends, sent larger gifts directly to our home.  Very thoughtful and meant I also got some non-clothing presents, which is much appreciated and even more needed!  My mom is buying us our car seat (after we move) and she also got me the baby monitor that I registered for at BRU.

MH spent the weekend with friends in San Francisco.  We both had a nice time with our friends and thought of it kind of like a last hurrah as childless adults!  We know the next few months will be spent preparing our new home and the next chapter in our life with Roo!

My mom didn’t know that MH was going to SF, so she sent him a little package so he wouldn’t feel left out of the shower.  She bought him a “man” diaper bag along with some other guy-type baby stuff and an outfit for Roo that says something about her daddy being her hero!  He loved it!  It was truly an awesome gift!

23 Week Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper update.  In part because of work travel and in part because I’ve been so busy living life, which is a good thing.

What “they” say about the second trimester being one during which you feel great is true!  At least it has started to be so for me after the nausea and gagging ended a couple of weeks ago.  The insomnia, I can live with.  The allergies that I wrote about yesterday are horrible but at least they are more bearable than the morning sickness.  When I’m not suffering from allergies, I feel fantastic!!  I almost can forget the thoughts of not doing this (pregnancy) again, which is a good thing 🙂

By the way, I can’t believe in just four weeks, I’ll be starting the third trimester!!!  WOW!

At nearly 24 weeks, I’m moving along quite nicely!  I’ve been working a few hours a day three days a week at a very popular and well-known furniture store that has two words with the initials P and B.  I love it because I’m meeting people and will eventually be able to take advantage of their generous discount, when we get word on our darn house.  The hourly pay sucks – so much that I haven’t once picked up my paycheck – ooops!  But, it’s worth it.  I really enjoy the people who I work with and the customers who come in are generally nice too.  I’ve talked to a LOT of moms and other pregnant women, which is a lot of fun.

I find it strange that people I have never met – usually older women – almost as soon as they notice that I’m pregnant reach out with their hands to touch my belly.  I physically have started to step back from those hands.  I don’t understand the appeal of touching someone else’s belly, especially a stranger’s belly.  I would never dream of it unless I 1) asked permission first and 2) knew the person well.  A girlfriend suggested the next time someone does it to me that I do it back and try to rub their belly – LOL.  Funny to think about doing but kind of gross for me, right?!  They would surely learn their lesson 🙂

Remember when I first started to feel Roo move around?  I was freaked out by it.  It felt abnormal and alien to me.  Now, I really love it.  I feel connected to her.  I can imagine her in my head squirming around like she will when she arrives – with her feet and arms waving about, her face squished up against the light shining in her face.  I am BEYOND excited.  Her movement on a regular basis is getting stronger and stronger and more and more frequent.  I love it!

Do you also remember when I decided to not watch heart pounding movies until after Roo is born because I get so worked up?  Well, I made an exception to it over the last weekend.  I read the Hunger Games and just loved the entire series.  I (im)patiently waited for the movie for the past year and MH and I saw it on Saturday night.  I LOVED it!  I have friends who were disappointed by it but I really enjoyed myself.  I thought they did a great job of capturing the book into a movie.  There clearly was a lot of back story that I think was left out because it would have taken too much time to put into the script (and might help people who haven’t read the book understand some of the relationships) but overall it was well done.  Way better than Twilight I have to say – sorry Twilight lovers!  (I only saw and read the first of the Twilight series).  I cannot wait until the other movies come out – definitely babysitter worthy 🙂  The only problem I had with the movie had nothing to do with the movie itself but my pregnant body.  I can’t sit for that long without being uncomfortable.  I think my skinny corduroy pants, which are way cute, are getting too tight and caused my legs to fall asleep.  I had to get up and walk around.  I went to the bathroom and got some water and went back in.  I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I need to sit for a long period of time – which will be next week when I fly to DC to see my parents and for my baby shower!!!!!

How far along? 23 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain:
Will find out an updated amount of weight gained next Tuesday morning’s OB appointment
Maternity clothes? 
Yes, and needing some more summer-like clothes – bought a pair of compression socks for the cross-country flight next week
Stretch marks? None, still slathering up every day with cocoa butter lotion
Sleep: I’ve been sleeping better now that I’m giving myself permission to sleep on either side of my body
Best moment this week: Seeing a foot or a hand kick me so hard that I saw the movement on the outside of my belly!
Miss anything? An allergy-free day
Movement: YES – tons!
Food cravings: Sweets
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing – FINALLY!!!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out?  In but my belly button is nearly completely flattened and the reminder that I used to have a belly button ring is very clearly there
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!
Looking forward to: MH feeling Roo for the first time – he’s just not patient enough to sit there and wait – it’s aggravating to me but it’s his loss, right?!