Freaking Out…

I have a call into the On Call doctor.  It’s 3am in Seattle.  I woke up about an hour ago to a gush of fluid.  I thought maybe I’d peed my pants.  I laid back down and some more fluid is leaking.  I put a panty liner on and it’s very damp though not soaked through – it’s been an hour.  Argh!  Something more for me to worry about…I hope the doctor calls me back soon.

6 thoughts on “Freaking Out…

  1. It sounds like your water may have broke – I’d head into the hospital so they can do a swab test to confirm whether it’s amniotic fluid or not. When mine broke at 25w4d, it sounded just like that – felt like I peed my pants and if I stood up and sat back down, it would gush some more. I was apparently contracting as well, but didn’t feel it.

  2. Ring ahead & get into the hospital. We covered this exact scenario in our pre natal class last night (in Australia). It sounds like your waters have broken and it MUST be checked out by a medical professional.

    Good luck. X

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