Swaddle vs. Halo Sleep Sack

It appears that there are two very useful sleeping tools for babies.  The first is the swaddle, which seems to be used with infants to help them feel safe and comfortable as well as help them sleep.  The second is the halo sleep sack, which for those who have not yet seen one is essentially a zip-on blanket for a baby.  I’ve received a number of Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, which are great for both swaddling and for covering up during nursing.  They can also work as a spit up wiper in lieu of a diaper.  I found some organic halo sleep sacks at a consignment shop for $3 each, so I bought three of them.

My question is: how long does a baby prefer a swaddle and how old are they when they should move into a halo sleep sack?


A side note: This is my 175th post to this blog!  I can’t believe it and I thank you for following my often-times silly and mundane ramblings 🙂

12 thoughts on “Swaddle vs. Halo Sleep Sack

  1. Congrats on your 175th post! That’s awesome 🙂

    I always thought you swaddled until the baby could roll over on it’s own? I don’t know if you can use the sleep sack after that?

  2. my daughter loved the swaddle so we did that until five months. These boys HATE to be swaddled so for sure the halo (they are 4.5 months old) but they get too hot. I know I didn’t give you a great answer but it kind of depends on the baby.

  3. My son HATED his arms swaddled. I learned to swaddle him when he was asleep but it got to frustrating so I stopped at about 2 months and now we just use sleep sacks. I love love love sleep sacks. I have some that are thicker (since we live in northern Alberta) and some that are thinner for summer. He just wears a sleeper or a onesie now that it’s warmer underneath.

  4. Also I have the a&a swaddle blankets and I found they were difficult to get tight enough around him. I used those Velcro swaddles from babies r us.

  5. We’re just moving from swaddle to sleep sacks…our babies are 8 weeks this week. Making the switch because the babies are all of a sudden kicking out of the swaddle.
    Congrats on 175 posts!

  6. We used the Halo Swaddle (which he didn’t like at all for the first few weeks but then LOVED) until he could bust out of it (around 4 months) and weaned to nothing shortly after by swaddling with big swaddle blankets with arms out. I wanted him done with sacks entirely when he could roll because for some reason it made me paranoid. We had a few rough nights but survived.

  7. I swaddled my baby for a couple of months until I heard of a swaddle transition blanket called zipadee-zip. I gave it a try and loved it!

  8. We put our LO in a Zipadee-Zip that is working well! You could put him in his diaper with that over to keep him warm. Its cotton so its not too heavy! This is by far the best wearable blanket that I have used. Its helped my son sleep so much better 🙂

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