Nursery – Glider vs Rocker

Buying of nursery furniture is nearly complete.  We have a crib ordered and we have the changing table/dresser ordered.  The last major piece of needed furniture is something for me to sit in while I nurse Roo.

We had been looking at gliders including the one that I shared with you on my last nursery update:

But then I decided to look at the PBK ones a little closer.  I went to the store the other afternoon and sat in both the glider that I like (see image below) and the wing backed rocker:

To throw a further wrench in my decision process, I also have added the PBK Sleigh Glider into the mix (it matches our crib):

And now I can’t decide.  I really like the rocker but will it be as useful and comfortable as a glider?  Gliders seem to be the preferred seating option by parents these days.  All of these options (except the sleigh glider) convert to fixed pieces of furniture once we are done using it in the nursery, so all three are potentials.  I’ve only had the chance to sit in the first two PBK pieces, so I can only speak to their comfort.  The other two are unknowns.

I’m kind of leaning towards the sleigh glider because I know it’ll match the other pieces of furniture.  It is also the least expensive – under $500.

I’d love your thoughts: what do you prefer?  A glider or a rocker?  If a glider, which of the three gliders do you like the best?  First glider, PBK comfort glider or the sleigh glider?  As a reminder, I’m getting a nursing stool instead of an ottoman to start to save on money and space.

Eventually, though perhaps sooner than later, I’ll add a nightstand and a book shelf to Roo’s room.

4 thoughts on “Nursery – Glider vs Rocker

  1. Not to add something else to the mix, but have you considered a recliner (that rocks when it is not reclined)? I just bought one for our nursery. It came highly, highly recommended. All of my friends who have babies said they prefer the rocking recliners, instead of gliders, because you can lean back and lift your feet. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you might want to stretch out and lean back. Or even catch a few zzzz’s in between feedings in the nursery, if your baby is having a particularly hungry night and eating often.
    We narrowed it down to the BEST brand, storytime series. We purchased the TRYP style. It was delivered a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I sit in there all the time. It is soooo comfortable. And I’ve already fallen asleep in it a few times, in the reclined position!

  2. I personally don’t like my glider. I never use it. I like the second one down but just because I think its the prettiest. Good luck deciding!

  3. I too have tested out the gliders/rockers at PBK. I was initially in love with the swivel glider, but I found it to be just too big. Then I looked into the actual glider and I was told by a few people that it was not large enough to accommodate a breastfeeding pillow. I was also turned off by how the cushions are not included in the price and are an additional charge. Upset by how difficult this was, I went to the store to try them out. I absolutely fell in love with the Wing Back Rocker and actually just ordered it tonight. What I like about it besides how comfortable it is, is that it is pretty enough to put in our sitting room off of our master sweet once we are done with it in the nursery. The only thing is that it takes 6-8 weeks to come for the manufacturer and an additional week for PBK to deliver it.

  4. I was worried about Timothy’s fingers getting somehow caught under a rocker. He crawls, but I still nurse him, still use the glider. And rocker would’ve worried me too much.

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