Ready or Not…

…Here comes the third trimester!

Today officially marks the start of the third trimester.  Ack!  Where did time go?

I love it by the way that I’ve made it this far with fewer insecurities than I thought that I would along the way.  It helps for sure to have a support by my side with MH as well as you all, my dear readers.  Thank you!

The third trimester has kicked off with insomnia – thank you!  As of right now, it is 4:15 am and I’m wide awake and have been since 3am.  I hope to get sleepy again soon and will climb back into bed with a slumbering MH.

I can tell that this third trimester will go just as quickly as the first two – though parts of it might drag.  We have a lot going on between now and then with closing on our new house on May 18 and the big move on May 24.  But before I know it, MH and I will welcome Roo with open arms into our family.  We are already dreaming of the day when she arrives and we can’t wait to welcome a healthy, fully-baked newborn baby girl to our family!


Last night we went to our first Seattle Mariners game of the season.  We are baseball fans – MH more so than me.  In San Francisco, we went to at least one game a month for the entire season.  Last night’s seats were prime, directly behind the visiting team’s dugout and just five rows up.  Several balls and a bat came flying in our direction and my sweet husband jumped up at the ready to protect me and Roo 🙂  The seats were amazing and never could we have afforded tickets like those in San Francisco.  We felt very lucky.  The Mariners lost by one point to the Twins but it was a fun game and experience for us to have as our first game as residents of Seattle.

It was especially great to see many families with their infants and children attending the game.  It opened our eyes to the idea that we can bring Roo with us to our baseball outings and introduce her to something that MH and I love to do together.  In fact, a bi-racial couple (husband was Asian and the wife was Caucasian – the reverse of MH and me) sat two rows in front of us with their three gorgeous girls around 6, 3 and several month old baby.  MH and I imagined ourselves in their shoes.  We cannot wait!!

4 thoughts on “Ready or Not…

  1. Ahhh yes the lack of sleep.. I wish I could say it gets better but sadly it doesnt haha. I had to have lots of naps just to make it through the days. Try and have a night time routine. Like read, have a bath and bed. I found it helped get my body ready for sleep. I remember thinking that I wanted to just have the baby because at least I would be up for a reason and not just because I couldn’t sleep.

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