I decided that I wanted to give our little one a nickname.  Because he/she is so active, I thought of Busy but they called MH’s grandmothers Busy and he thinks it’s odd to call our baby the same name unless we know that she is a girl.  So, we decided to brainstorm some other options and MH came up with Roo, from Winnie the Pooh.  I LOVE it!  Neither of us knows if Roo is supposed to be a girl or a boy in the story and clearly kangaroos are pretty active as is our little one….And, so, Roo, is our nickname for the time being.

MH and I both love Winnie the Pooh.  We bought an Italian copy of the Winnie and the Thousand Acre Woods when we were on our honeymoon in Italy.  Many, many years ago, I was in London visiting a friend who worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The Museum has prints of the original Winnie the Pooh sketches by A.A. Milne and I picked up a number of them knowing that I would love to use them as the foundation for a nursery theme – I truly always dreamed of becoming a mommy.  A few of them are just pencil drawings and then one or two of them are full color drawings.  I just need to find (in one of the unpacked boxes from moving a few months ago) and show them to MH.  If he loves them as much as I do than we have our nursery theme and I can get them framed!  A Winnie the Pooh theme will be great for either a little girl or a little boy.  I think Roo will love it!

Speaking of nurseries, the offer that we put on the house was accepted last night!  In a short time, we’ll have a nursery to decorate!  We thought for sure that the sellers would counteroffer but they didn’t.  The house is a short sale so we are getting an incredible deal on a home that we probably couldn’t afford otherwise.  Because it’s a short sale, it’ll take a little longer to close on it but we have time and patience especially for this home, one that we can stay in for a very long time!  I am already dreaming of how we’ll decorate, where we’ll put furniture, what pieces we’ll have to buy, etc.  It’s a four bedroom, three full bath house.  It’s huge compared to the apartments we’ve lived in for the past 20-some years but with so many bedrooms, we have enough space for a nursery (next to our room), a guest room (in the basement) and one for my home office (on the main floor).  The home is a 1920’s craftsman home with a lot of character.  Once we get the inspection done, we’ll know if there are any red flags but at the moment the only “immediate” fix we know for sure we have to take care of is sanding and painting the outside of the house – we’ll hire someone to do it for us.  Other than that it is move-in ready!

5 thoughts on “Roo

  1. I’m excited and jealous to hear of your new house all at the same time! Congrats are in order for sure! Now if only we can move soon too…

    P.S. the name Roo is too cute!

  2. Roo is actually a boy (Kanga is the only female character) But maybe thats a sign you are having a boy!
    Congrats on being in the second trimester, if your pregnancy is anything like mine the time will fly by and you’ll be sitting here at 39 weeks wondering when this child is going to get out of your stomach!!

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