12w5d Update

It’s official.  I’m in the last week of my first trimester.  Wow!  I seriously didn’t think we would ever get this far when we would feel comfortable enough to share this exciting news with our family and friends.  Our dream of becoming parents are turning into reality!

Our little one at this stage is the size of a plum:

After our NT scan on Monday and seeing our little one again with a strong heart beat and a lot of movement, the reality of pregnancy has kicked in for MH.  He’s starting to embrace it more and more.  I’ve been going to sleep so much earlier than MH that he comes into our room and tucks me in with a back scratch and a kiss.  Two weeks ago, I asked him to also rub my belly so that he could start to connect to our little one.  I’m really enjoying it and I think he does too!  He has also started to read the guy’s guide to pregnancy that I got him for Christmas, The Expectant Father.  Over dinner last night, he shared a tidbit from the book.  He seemed proud to contribute his knowledge of pregnancy!  I love it!

Entering the 2nd trimester excites me on many levels especially as the negative symptoms of pregnancy will start to disappear and/or lessen and I start to feel better and have more energy AND I get to start planning!

Symptoms: The symptoms that I thought were going away were just playing a trick on me – they’re still there

Food aversions: I thought I had none but realized last week that I have a serious aversion to meat – poultry, fish and red meat – my OB said that it’s OK

Food cravings: Salty foods and fruit

Mama’s physical changes: My belly has expanded quite a bit; both my acupuncturist and my OB said “OH!  You’ve got a little belly there!” so I know it’s not just me.  I ordered two pairs of Gap maternity jeans from online and I can’t wait to try them on; the ones in the store weren’t very appealing to me so hopefully these, which look better in the picture, will look better on too

Next milestone: To be officially in the 2nd trimester

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