This week was the week that insomnia hit me.  Two nights in a row I woke up at 1:30 or 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep until 5 or 6am.  Then there were the couple of days when I woke up at 4:30am and didn’t get back to sleep until 6am.  Since I don’t have any clients right now I can head back to bed and sleep until I wake up around 10am or so.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have that luxury.  I am lucky and I don’t take that for granted.

I seriously am eyes-wide-open, wide awake.  If it weren’t the middle of the night I would clean the house, cook, call friends, etc.  Basically, I would do everything that I can’t get done during the day because of my noon/night sickness.  Ironic, right?!

Any hints or tips on dealing with insomnia?

8 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Ooh, that’s me. Except I’m awake for good by 8, no matter how many times I woke up. I have never found a way to stay asleep, but this meditation helps me go back to sleep. I imagine a massage starting with each toe, then each foot, ankle, calf, up to my head and face, one small spot at a time. It helps my migraines, too. If I’m not asleep by the time I’m done, I’m at least relaxed enough to rest instead of think of all the things I could be doing since I’m awake.

    I hope you get the rest you need!

  2. Oh no! Insomnia sucks! I got into Sleepytime Tea a few years back and love it. It’s made by Celestial Seasonings and is basically just Chamomile tea. It tastes great and it’s safe to drink during pregnancy. I had a friend that swore by it especially later on in her pregnancy because the baby would move at night and keep her awake so the tea helped the baby sleep too! I should also add I am NOT a tea drinker but this is great with just a teeny bit of sugar. And I’m all for natural remedies instead of “drugs”, especially during pregnancy of course.

    Anyway, good luck getting some rest and happy 13 weeks! 🙂

    • In response to the comment below:

      While it’s true that there are a lot of unsafe teas out there for pregnant women, I did my own research not only because we’re TTC but also because I have bad skin allergies and often look for natural remedies as well as carefully read labels for things to avoid that may set off my allergies. The conclusion I have come to is that there will always be someone somewhere to tell you that something is unsafe for pregnancy and to avoid as much as you can while pregnant. But surely if we were to do this, every pregnant woman would be on a raw foods diet.
      I can sum it up like this: IF a list were to exist of “safe teas” chamomile would be on the safe list. It is an herbal tea and just like a mint tea, is considered safe by many. The packaging also gives no indication that it is unsafe for pregnancy. And while that does not absolutely mean it is, what I can say is that other teas by this manufacturer do have that warning. Besides, I don’t believe any manufacturer could legally put on their packages that their product IS safe. Definitely too much legality involved. But that’s what I know in just doing my own (albeit unscientific) research about the issue.

  3. Look into camomile tea!!!! I am pretty sure you can’t drink it during pregnancy. I could be wrong but I pretty much avoided all tea during my pregnancy.

  4. Oh that stinks! I’m not real sure what you can do during pregnancy for that, but I like the above suggestions. I hope this isn’t a new trend for you!

  5. I’m pretty conservative since having a m/c so I’d stay away from camomile tea just in case. Instead, I’d buy a book lite and take to night time reading. Also, make sure you have good sleep hygeine: take a shower or bath before bed, turn off electronics an hour before bed, and make sure your room is dark and cool. Good luck! Insomnia bites.

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