A Love Letter to Roo: 16 months old

My darling little girl,

You are no longer a baby!  A lot of your friends have moved out of the baby stage but you now can join them as a toddler.  The last month made it official.  While you are not walking, yet, you are cruising along furniture and are getting ready to stand on your own.  Tiffany, your OT/PT, thinks you’ll be walking by Christmas.  I think so too!

In the last month, you have become a non-stop girl.  You are exhausted by the end of the day and so am I.  Even though we are officially “housebound” because of the flu and RSV, I’m less cautious this year and we go out at least once a day.  Your favorite place is the library.  It is quiet, calm and you can crawl around and have fun.  We usually go when it is very quiet in the middle of the day but we almost always see a few other kids around your age.  You are very shy but sweet and always wave hi.  It is so nice to see you grow into a friendly and sweet little person.

You still only have two words – Mama and Dada – but you now definitely associate them with us directly.  You also know your own name.  You love to point at us and hear us say our names.  I love that when we say your name, you point to yourself.  You know who you are and that you’re your own person.  That’s a wonderful thing to learn!  I’m so proud of you!

This month was the month that you decided that true solid food is the way to go.  You don’t like pureed food much anymore and much prefer “real” food now.  You push away the lovely pureed food that I make for you and gobble down the avocado or banana that I slice for you.  You adore turkey meatballs from Tra.der Joe.s and have taken a liking to fish.  It’s great!  Mama still needs to get the hang of preparing meals for you but I’m getting there!  I need to find some more ideas for meals for you.  I love that you love food!  It’s taken a while but you’re getting the hang of it.  You still gag and splutter and I get super nervous but you’re always OK.

You’ve become a champion sleeper (I’m probably jinxing it).  You go to bed around 7:30 p.m. and wake up once in the early morning (5 a.m. or so) to nurse and go back to sleep for another two hours.  It’s lovely!  Sometimes, you’ll even sleep until 8 a.m.  Those mornings, I wake up before you and get nervous.  Napping is getting easier for you too.  In general, you take a 90-120 minute nap, giving mama a good chunk of time to get work done.

In general, you’re not a fan of strangers but you’re taking a liking to your nanny.  She is very sweet with you and I know that you like her.  When I go upstairs to work, you hardly fuss and I can hear you laughing and playing with her all morning.  I’m so happy that you feel safe and comfortable with her.

Last week, we took you to the pumpkin patch and you LOVED it!  We went in the middle of the week and there was no one there.  We were able to put you on the bouncy house slide and you didn’t want to get off.  When it was time to go, you threw a fit.  You also threw a fit when we wouldn’t let you crawl to the top when you saw the older, little boy go to the top by himself and slide all the way down.  You did love riding in the wheelbarrow.  You also loved to be surrounded by all the pumpkins.  It’s fun to see you enjoying all the fun that Fall brings!  It’s Mama’s favorite season so I’m glad you love it too.

The next month is going to be a big one with a trip to Chicago to meet your Dada’s family.  I’m excited that your grandmother will be able to meet you.  She has Alzheimer’s so I don’t know what she will remember but I’m glad she will be able to snuggle you!

You’re the best little girl a Mama could ask for and I’m proud of your slow but steady progress!

I love you with all of my heart,



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