Update on Peanut Allergy

We took Roo to a pediatric allergist and got her tested for peanuts and other potential allergies.  The whole process was pretty quick but rough.  They do testing exactly like on an adult.  I’ve had it done and it isn’t comfortable at all.  It is very itchy, especially if you do have an allergy.

She sat on my lap for the whole process.  She nursed a bit but I mainly distracted her with my phone and a couple of Fi.sher Pr.ice apps that I have for her on it.

The nurse came in half way through the waiting period and immediately saw that she was allergic to a number of things.  I peeked at her back and it was red and covered in hives.  Poor thing.

The doctor came in once the test was finished and I had applied the anti-itch cream.  She confirmed that Roo indeed has a peanut allergy along with a host of other tree nuts including: pistachios, walnuts, almonds and probably pecans (in the walnut family).  I was surprised to learn that she is also allergic to eggs.

I have stopped eating all nuts because I’m breast-feeding.  It is interesting to note that Roo’s eczema cleared up once I stopped eating nuts.  Hmmm…not coincidental, I think!

The short of the long is that we have to be vigilant about nuts.  They can all cause an anaphylaxis reaction.  I didn’t know that all nuts did that – I just though peanuts.  With eggs, since Roo has had some eggs already without a noticeable reaction, the doctor thinks she will outgrow it and to be cautious with them.  She says to go ahead and give her eggs in baked goods and with other items that have a one cup of flour to one egg ratio.

The message I took away from the doctor was that this is a huge PITA when it comes to school when Roo gets older but that it is totally manageable and not to live in fear.  At the same time, she said to never be too far from the epi pen!

So, Internet friends, those of you with a kiddo with a peanut and or egg allergy (or have an allergy yourself), how do you avoid them?  Any tips to pass along to a newbie mama?!

3 thoughts on “Update on Peanut Allergy

  1. I don’t have an allergy, but I’ve learned from working at a preschool and summer camps to be careful of commercially made snacks. Things like Goldfish are made in a factory that also makes products with nuts, so depending on how Roo reacts, you may want to stay clear of them.

    I’m always impressed by the parents who teach their kids at a young age about their allergies. I had a girl, who was maybe 4, ask me during a summer camp about the ingredients in a snack because she knew she had a severe peanut allergy and had to be super careful. Many times things like that slip the minds of caregivers, so having the child double check is always good.

  2. Have more than one epi pen. Do not know costs or expiration time frames…. but as she ages and goes more places having multiples makes it easier to ALWAYS have one handy. Also, regularly review use with people who care for her ~~ especially occasional carers….

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