A Love Letter to Roo: 15 Months Old

My darling girl,

You’re becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler!  You haven’t taken your first steps yet but you’re on your way.  In the last month, you’ve started to really pull yourself to standing on everything you can reach including my legs after you’ve chased me from the living room into the kitchen or wherever I’ve been and you follow me.  The most exciting thing you did this month was to start exploring outside on your own.

Up until now, you’ve been very cautious about being outside and touching the ground.  You don’t particularly care for grass much. I think it tickles your feet and your underdeveloped senses don’t like that feeling.  But, Grandma and I took you to the playground a few weeks ago and you reached out to be put on the ground by the playground.  I hesitated because I was worried about what yucky things might be on the ground but you were so adamant that I went ahead, not wanting to prevent you from exploring.  The ground was covered in wood chips and you took off like a champ.  You loved crawling around on them.  You also went on the swings, a teeter-totter, and the slide.  It was at the playground that you figured out how to climb up stairs.

A few days after the playground, you decided it was time to climb the stairs at home.  Our house has a steep staircase and you climbed the entire thing without stopping and without hesitation.  Then, you wanted to do it over and over and over again!  Each time you reached the top, you looked down to see how far you climbed and got a huge grin on your face.  It was so fun to watch you.  You were proud of yourself and so were we!

You have also made great progress with eating solid food.  I feed you off of my plate often and you try everything.  It wasn’t until recently that you’ve either figured out how to spit food out or you’ve discovered foods that you don’t like causing you to spit them out.  There isn’t much that you don’t like but you’ve made it clear cooked, unpureed carrots are one of those foods.  I’ll keep trying and I’ll put lots of butter on them next time 🙂

You’re also having a language explosion.  While you’ve only said Mama (and Mom) and Dada, you’re babbling up a storm.  You talk about anything and everything.  You understand most directions and follow them pleasantly!  Your dad says that you’ve also said Hi and Up but I haven’t heard those for myself but I believe him.  Your pattern has been to say a word once and then not repeat it for a while and then one day you can’t stop saying it!  So, I’m sure you’ll be saying Hi and Up all the time in not time at all.

Music is a great love of yours.  It has been since you were tiny.  When you were in my belly, I sang to you all the time.  I also put music on my iphone and put my earbuds to my belly so you could hear it.  After you were born and in the NICU, I sang to you.  The first few days when we weren’t allowed to hold you for long periods of time but you were in your isolette, I would sing into the little holes on the side.  About a month ago, I started to put the TV on in the morning and choose one of the many music channels.  Every morning now, we go downstairs and you point to the TV asking for the music.  We listen to everything from toddler tunes to classical, to 80s dance tunes to Singers and Swing.  Your dad puts on rap, classic rock and alternative tunes for you on the weekend.  I love that you’re being exposed to many different types of music.  This week you’ve started dancing – swaying your body to the song you’re listening to or moving your head in time.  It is so cute!

You’re still a tiny bug.  At your 15 month appointment, you weighed 18 pounds and were 28 inches long.  You are just now starting to fit into 12 month clothes.

What will change this month is a mystery but I can tell you that it only will more fun to see you grow and develop more!  I can’t wait to see what you will do.

I love you with all my heart and more,

Your Mama


Having dinner with my friend, Albert!


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