New Reality

Welcome to my new reality.


I work part-time now.  It’s only about 10-15 hours a week but it’s enough to keep me busy during all of my free time, which is limited these days.

Roo is a champion night-time sleeper (except when she’s cutting teeth) and gets about 12-13 hours of sleep at night….Which means, her nap during the day is short.  I get 60-90 minutes of time over the middle of the day when I don’t have an almost toddler vying for my attention – cue frantically eating lunch, throwing in a load of laundry, getting onto my computer to get some work done.

That gives me very little time for myself.

I’m not complaining because I love what I’m doing.  It just means that I have to get creative.

I have a new part-time nanny starting tomorrow.  She will come twice a week (maybe three times) for 3-4 hours each time.  I had someone else but she turned into a fail before she even started – good thing my mom has been here to help.  I was so disappointed especially because her references were glowing.  I hope this one doesn’t fail me too.  Otherwise, I’m up a sh#tcreek when my mom leaves.


I’ve nicknamed Roo, Little Explorer.  The last couple of weeks, she behaves as if she has no more sensory issues.  The other day we went to the park and I put her down on the cement and she took off like she’d been crawling on cement forever.  She used to hate being on the ground other than our living room carpet.  I guess not!  She still doesn’t like the grass but all other surfaces she is completely fine with now.  I love it!

She hated the swing after the first time when she loved it.  She now loves it!  She also loves the teeter-totter and any bouncy chair thing that the toddler park has for her.  She points from one activity to the next and we go around and around and around.

Well, back to my regularly scheduled program of getting work done during my free time!  Once the nanny starts, I want to start writing again more frequently and hope to see you all back here regularly!  I miss you ladies (and guys)!

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