Sleep Sacks

I’m thinking ahead to fall and winter and need to buy a sleep sack or two.  We haven’t used one since the late spring because it’s been nice and warm but I know that when the temperatures drop that we’ll need to use them again.

Last winter I used the Baby Dee.dee ones and I loved it.  But, I am open to other suggestions.  Do you use a sleep sack and which ones do you love?

I want something organic (preferably), 100% cotton, breathable, cozy and warm but not too warm – in other words the ideal sleeping environment!

6 thoughts on “Sleep Sacks

  1. I really like the Aden and anais ones. They meet all your criteria. I’ve seen them on babysteals before, both the cheaper target version and the original version. Bet you could find them in the past steals archive.

  2. I like the aiden and anais ones, too. We got some the next size up that are too big for them right now but sometimes when it’s warm I put them in those (we still use sleep sacks even in the summer because it’s part of our routine). I also have the halo ones which are fine but not as nice I guess. The halo fleece ones are really nice and warm, though.

  3. Halo work for us! Not organic, but I like the range of sizes and materials. Molly’s in a cotton one for summer (we have air conditioning) and I just bought a fleece one for winter and our trip to Newfoundland in September (it gets cold there).

  4. We liked the halo ones—we have a few organic Halo and we had a fleece Halo we used last winter. I started using just a blanket with Sylvia when she was about 13 months (a light organic one for summer). I was nervous but its been okay. We may go back to sleep sacks for the winter but now that she is pulls up more often I worry about her falling.

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