Breast Feeding Update

One of the big topics at a baby’s one year check up is breast feeding and introducing cow’s milk. The recommendation is to breast feed until age one, if possible.

I was really lucky. In spite of Roo’s early arrival, my milk had no problem coming in. I pumped and pumped and pumped. When she was four months old, I was given permission to breast feed her exclusively – though we also supplemented with Neosure for additional calories to help with her weight gain.

On Tuesday, Roo’s pediatrician asked me to continue to breast feed her for at least an additional two months, which gets us to one year adjusted. She says that it will help with the continued immunity and good nutrients. She also wants me to continue to give her the Neosure instead of introducing cow’s milk.

Surprisingly, I’m happy with this plan. In my head, I’ve been dreaming about not nursing. I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear a nursing bra again. I look forward to/dread seeing what my “new” post-breast feeding boobs will look like. But, I also have always thought that as long as my body allows me to nurse and as long as she wants to nurse, I will. I know this isn’t new news to you 🙂

I’m glad the pediatrician is encouraging me in this direction. I love that I can be successful in this area and I know today that I won’t even think of weaning until we go in for her next appointment in September.

In food related note, I’ve been nervous about giving her true solid food and sticking with chunky purees. I mentioned this to the pediatrician and she assured me that there is plenty of time for Roo to eat solid food. She will learn to like it in time. She said its more important that Roo gains weight and has a healthy appetite than eats solid food.

Mamas of preemies who were able to nurse: did you delay weaning until your babe’s adjusted age of one? Did you wean at his/her first birthday?

One thought on “Breast Feeding Update

  1. So great you are still nursing. I was so sad to stop at 9 months, but I was on a (self-imposed) timetable to have my 3rd baby and that’s what had to be done. I plan to nurse the new baby a full year at least…

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