Failure to Thrive Update

This is very late, sorry!

A week following that awful appointment with the nutritionist where I learned Roo had only gained ounces and not even one pound in the two months since our previous appointment, I made an appointment with our pediatrician. She was on vacation, so we met with another who we’ve seen before and like.

Like all appointments, Roo was weighed and measured prior to the doctor coming in. To my great delight, we learned that she had gained more than a pound and a half and grew about an inch. I knew that she hadn’t gained this much weight and grew this much in one week. The nutritionist was wrong. Something was wrong with her measurements.

I was immediately relieved and pissed. Relieved because my daughter wasn’t failing to thrive. She was fine. What I was doing was fine. I didn’t have to worry that there was anything wrong. I was feeding her enough and properly.

I was pissed because of the unnecessary anxiety that I lived with and feelings of failure as a mother. I was pissed because an error like that shouldn’t happen. Roo should have been re-weighed. I didn’t know to ask for another weight check. Next time I know better. I’m still thinking about whether or not we go back. But, I think I go back and complain and see what happens and go from there.

In the meantime, I can relax and feel proud that I am doing the right things for my daughter to help her grow and thrive. This face is not one who is failing to thrive!


5 thoughts on “Failure to Thrive Update

  1. So great to hear this update!!!!
    I don’t know if I mentioned…when I went to my new pediatrician they measured my son and he was so short he wasn’t even on the charts and no one seemed the least bit concerned. We measured him at home and got a measurement that was still very short, but at least on the growth chart (maybe 5th percentile). I am going back to this doc one more time but I think I am going to be looking for a new pediatrician. I just don’t understand if you get a measurement that is so short why you wouldn’t re-measure, if for nothing else to save the mother anxiety, right?

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