Heat Wave…

I love summer but not with a baby and not without an air conditioner.  It sucks.

We are going through a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest.  It is about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heat wave is supposed to stick around for a few days.

I worry because even with the window open, the door open and a fan circulating air in her bedroom, Roo’s room is still warm – around 80 degrees.  I have her napping in a cotton t-shirt and her diaper.

I worry about her more in the night because it cools off and I don’t want her to be under-dressed and get chilled.  I like to have even a sheet on me when its hot but I don’t know what she likes or needs.  I don’t want her to get too hot or too chilled.

Agh!  How do I strike the perfect balance for her?

Any suggestions for those of you who have heat waves more often?

5 thoughts on “Heat Wave…

  1. Lots of fluids, don’t put a fan directly on her (I did this and t have her a cold), do what you are doing with sleeping or get a thin cotton sleeping bag. Not much you can do but they do get used to it. We took Molly to the beach every night for a while there!!!

    • Good point on not having the fan directly on her. I have it sitting outside the bed room door and facing the crib but not directly on her. Tonight, she’s in just a light cotton, short-sleeved onesie and her diaper.

  2. We have to take Abby’s blankets away if it’s too hot because she’ll insist on sleeping under one no matter how sweaty she gets. If you’re comfortable under a sheet, Roo will be too.

    We’re looking forward to highs in the 80s here in Louisiana this week, it’s cooling off!

  3. Like you, we recently had a heat wave. Mostly, I would (un)dress the little guy in the same manner as I would want to sleep. But the couple of nights his skin felt extra hot, I left him in a diaper only and just checked him a couple of times before going to sleep myself. And if he got chilly, I put a blanket on him. He slept just fine most nights.

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