Needing Travel Tips

MH has a business trip to San Francisco in early May and M and I are tagging along.  She is cleared to travel since the flu season is over and I really want to go “home.”  I haven’t been back to SF since we moved in September 2011.

Do you have any travel tips for us?  What should we bring?  What should we pack vs carry-on with us?  What do I need to buy that will be useful that I might not think of?  Do I pack everything we use for feeding (e.g., spoons, bowls, etc.)?

Any tips are welcome!

13 thoughts on “Needing Travel Tips

  1. We are going to San Fran at the beginning of June!!!! I have flown with theo a couple times now. We bought theo his own seat this time so we can bring his carseat. I don’t feel comfortable with having a lap infant anymore after reading up on safety. If you are holding her, just bf in take off and landing and bring an iPad or a portable DVD player so you can put some fun videos on. Lots of yummy snacks and water. A baby carrier or a stroller. Put her in pjs and not a cute outfit. Preferably a footed sleeper it will keep her comfy and you don’t have to worry about losing socks or shoes and then just pack a light sweater in your carry in incase she gets chilly. If you have pacifier straps, attach a couple toys to them and then attach them to the bag or her so they can’t drop on the ground.

    Buy a small pack of anti bacterial wipes, so you can clean off the airplane chairs and arm rests and tray.

    Good luck. She will probably have a blast looking at all the stuff in the airport!

  2. No experience with traveling with a little one here, but a suggestion ( or piece of ass-vice, as Mel at Stirrup Queens says) is to get some Boomerings from Discovery Toys (I bought mine on Amazon) or some other sort of links to attach toys together. It works wonders for us and Paxlet can have several toys with him and they won’t get lost.

  3. This was a good for me when I took my son on our first trip (when he was 5 months old). It’s $3 on amazon, or you can borrow it for free if you are a prime member.

    It just had a lot of good tips.

    I would definitely recommend buying the gate check covers for your car seat (if you are gate checking it) and stroller. They aren’t very careful with those items, and they could easily end up dirty (or muddy if it is raining!) and you don’t want to have to put your child back in a dirty car seat or stroller.

    I took my stroller base, with the car seat/adapter. That way I didn’t have to lug a car seat AND stroller. It worked best for me to hold my son– he is a cuddle bug and he wouldn’t have sat in the seat if we had purchased it for him. I also brought the k’tan carrier– it was a lifesaver to be able to hold him in that part of the time while walking around the airport (and getting things through security).

    The best tip is to arrive super early and allow lots of time. It really does take time to get all of your bags and liquids and stroller and baby, etc etc etc through security. Just find the “child friendly” line and take your time!


  4. I usually bring 1 (or 2 tops) spoon and one bowl and I buy a very small, sample-sized bottle of dish soap in a convenience store or pharmacy when I am at the destination. I also bring 1 or 2 plastic bibs that can be rinsed off. Less is definitel more and try to minimize the total number of bags you have. Bring 1 or 2 toys to entertain her on the plane. Bring some kind of wipe (I use the pump parts cleaning one) in case it falls on the floor in the airport. I hate using disposable stuff but that is helpful. I usually buy one new toy for the plane so that it will hold S.’s attention more. Nurse at take off and landing. I bring 1 of the old aden & anais swaddle blankets to use as a cover (way less bulky than actual nursing cover) and also good for tummy time in the hotel or wherever. Sweatshirts or jackets are also good for tummy time/sitting on the floor at the gate if necessary. Good luck!

  5. Hello! But behind here but 2 tips from me, take a carry on change of clothes for you! Last thing you want us to have to sit on flight in clothes covered in whatever ‘accident’ you might have!!

    Take as many snacks as you can, don’t worry about them being healthy. Whatever she will eat!

    Enjoy xx

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