Please tell me, experienced mamas.  When does the exhaustion go away?  Promise me that it does?  I’m so tired.  I want to sleep.  All. The. Time.

I somehow make it through the day but I fall into bed earlier and earlier every night.  That doesn’t help my efforts to work on my marriage.

Any suggestions on how to make it through this?  I want a vacation away from my adorable baby.  I love her but I’m exhausted.  Is this a normal feeling?


10 thoughts on “Exhausted

    • I wish we had family close by but we don’t. We also moved here just a little over a year ago and so we have friends but not close enough to ask on a regular basis. She’s on a good sleep schedule already but the exhaustion I feel is pervasive. I don’t feel like I will ever catch up 😦 I know I will eventually though.

      • For me I’m starting to regain some energy by getting outside and walking with the baby and trying to do some exercise. Maybe that’ll help?

  1. Preemies are tough, Mamma, and never let anyone tell you different! When you have to use twice the patience then you have to use twice the energy and stamina.

    Get a break when and how you can. We go out for happy hour at least once a month and unwind (we can get free babysitting on a weekday). Find what makes you recharged and do it when you can.

    You’re under a lot of strain right now and it’s weighing on you. I love my caffeine but there is tons of herbal supplements that will make you feel a little more energized until you can get a break. Get to GNC woman! 🙂

  2. Oh, so sorry you are feeling so exhausted! It’s so hard, this mothering thing (especially with all the extra challenges you have had)! In my experience it does get better…up until 8 months it was so hard for me, but then my husband sleep trained the babies and things have been sooooooo much easier ever since.
    Wish we had moved to Seattle so I could watch your little one for an evening and help you get a break! 🙂
    Also wondering, could the weather be part of the problem? I know it sounds silly but when I lived there this time of year was so hard…I just wanted it to be warm and sunny…felt so lethargic and that was without kids and sleep deprivation…

  3. I try to drink a lot of caffeine. I’m not more experienced than you obviously, but that is what I do! Not a real solution I guess. I also go on long long walks, which has the benefit of being exercise (which makes me feel energized) but also makes me tired earlier at night so I will go to bed earlier and get more restful sleep assuming the babies don’t have night wakings.

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