A Love Letter to Roo: Eight Months Old

My darling baby girl, (a little late)

It has been the fastest month yet. I think because we made the decision about how to move forward in treating your eyes.

We got your glasses a little more than two weeks ago and you’ve blossomed! You are makin huge developmental strides that were holding you back previously. You roll from your back to belly and belly to back with no problem! We wake up and look in the monitor to see you practicing!

You have taken to eating solids like a champ. I think you would give up nursing to only eat solids – except you still love to snuggle up with me frequently for a nursing session so I know we will be nesting together for a while still! I hope to make it to one year.

You are a chatty little one. I wish I could record you all day long. I love the sound of your voice as you talk to yourself. Even more, I love when you talk to me or your daddy. It is the sweetest music to my ears.

You are starting to take better naps. A sleep consultant came to our mommy group and she said that sometimes good night sleepers don’t sleep as long for naps and not to worry about it. So I won’t. You are an awesome night sleeper. I will take it!

You LOVE music and reading stories. Good thing I do too! We are reading together a lot during the day and I love to sing songs with you. Your favorite right now is head, shoulders, knees and toes. Our favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

I love you, bug!! I can’t wait to see what month 8 brings us 🙂

Love always,
Your Mama


5 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Roo: Eight Months Old

  1. Such a cute picture – all snuggled into her book. I love it. Our little one is so chatty too….today I loaded 106 videos from my iPhone onto the computer – if you have an iPhone use it to catch that chatting, so cute!!! Love that she loves her glasses, must make it so much easier.

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