Update on Napping

Well, we are reaching some great success with napping in her crib.  She falls asleep within 15 minutes and, more often than not she will fall asleep within less than 5 minutes of me or someone else putting her in her crib.  YAY!  I see this as a win especially since around two weeks ago she wasn’t sleeping in her crib at all for naps. 🙂

We still need to work on length of the nap.  She only sleeps between 30-45 minutes for each nap.  This week, we’ve been lucky with a few one hour naps but that is a rarity.

Any suggestions for getting the length of the nap longer?  I really want her to get at least one hour naps in each time.

I have a white noise machine.  I put in black out shades.  I make sure she has a dry and clean diaper and isn’t hungry.  What am I missing?!

3 thoughts on “Update on Napping

  1. No ideas or tips here…My little guy isn’t sleeping in his own bed/crib at all yet and when I get him for naps on our bed, they are short. But, when he naps in his stroller (outside), we usually get 2-4 hour naps.

  2. Same here. We get short naps (20-40 min) in his crib. We get 2 hours in my arms. Our pediatrician said that is normal… some (most) babies just prefer snuggling and they will sleep for shorter amounts of time alone in their crib. Maybe try for three naps a day for a bit, to see if she’ll get 30-45 minutes each time?

  3. It took us about 9 months to get good 2+ hour naps on a regular basis. The turning point for us was making sure her belly was very full before naptime, and, believe it or not, putting her in pajamas. She’s 2 now and still naps best in a pair of footed pajamas (she even asks for them!)

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