Baby Wearing Mama

I’m a baby wearing mama!  I love wearing Roo.  She loves it too.  For a long time, it was one of the only ways I could get her to nap.

When I was still in the hospital on bed rest, I ordered pretty much everything online from Amazon or  Actually, not just pretty much everything but EVERYTHING!  I did my research one day and placed my order the next including my baby carrier.  An Er.go.

It arrived and when Roo arrived at 33 weeks, she was too small to wear in it even with the infant insert.  But, starting around 4 months old, she was big enough for me to wear so I pulled it out and started using it.  This past December, I noticed that one of the seams on the shoulder strats was ripping.  I contacted Amazon and the vendor and received NO response.  I tried again without response a second time.

Finally, I called Er.go directly and they asked me lots of questions.  In the end, they asked me to send photos of my carrier and it turns out that the one that I purchased is a counterfeit product.  I was so upset.  I couldn’t believe it.  I never thought that Amazon would allow vendors to get away with something like that but they do and they did.

So, I called my credit card company., which I have a long and good relationship with and currently hold a Sa.pphire card.  They are refunding me all of the money – I hope.  It is in process.

I decided that I was going to buy a new carrier and this time directly from the maker.  But, I thought it was a chance for me to do more research and see what is out there.  I looked at Er.go again.  I also looked at the, and something called the Po.gnae.  I liked all of them for various reasons but I decided that I really liked the Po.gnae.

The Po.gnae is very similar to the Er.go and is very popular in Asia and Europe.  It has some differences that I like including it has many different design and color options, it has a mesh vent for hot days, it is supposedly good for petite people, and it is only $89.  So, I ordered one with an elephant design.  I haven’t gotten it yet but I’m excited to try it out.  I hope that I like it but if I don’t, they appear to have a good return policy.

Does anyone have a Po.gnae?  What carrier do you have and why do you love it?

4 thoughts on “Baby Wearing Mama

  1. I’m a freak for baby wearing!!! I own a m.oby and wore him when he was a newborn, I have a ring sling that I LOVE and use that for quick trips when I need to get him on and off quickly and my most used e.rgo.mi got mine from a baby deals site and then panicked thinking it could be counterfeit but I checked out all the signs and it is real thankfully. I will also be getting a woven wrap soon as he’s getting heavier and they are the most comfortable. I haven’t heard of the one your getting so I’m going to look it up! Glad youre wearing roo it is such an amazing way to bond with your baby

  2. I have a lot of carriers but I love my moby. I really love it. On days when the babies are clingy I can just wear it all day and pop babies in and out of it without taking it off. It seems complicated to put on but it isn’t, and it is very comfortable! BUT. It is very warm. I don’t know if I will be able to use it in the summer. I’m not sure what carrier I will use when it gets hot – I also have a mei tai I really like, which may end up being my summer carrier since it is less fabric. I have found the ergo to be very bulky, but I haven’t tried it since not having to use the infant insert, so maybe it will be less bulky now.

    If I had only one baby I think I would almost never use the stroller! I love wearing babies! As it is I usually use our single stroller and wear a baby while I’m out instead of using the double stroller, so I am almost always wearing a baby. Love it ❤

  3. We are starting to get more and more into baby wearing. I have a ring sling which I never loved, but we bought a stokke carrier (which my husband loves) and an ergo (for half price on – they are always in the past/archived steals) which I just started using and love so far!

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