Oh poop!

Seriously, my baby only wants to poop when we are in public. And then she doesn’t just poop but has to have a massive poop – one that requires multiple wipes and clothing changes.

Yesterday, we met a friend from our mommy group for a walk in the mall early in the morning before it got busy. Roo decided it was the perfect time and place to poop. I didn’t realize though until we were in the car in the way home that she had done it and good thing. When we got home I went to change her diaper and she was a mess! I had to take all of her clothes off and bathe her again because she hd poop up her back and down her legs. Luckily she was a happy girl and it didn’t bother her at all.

Earlier this week she pooped while we were at our mommy group and when we were at the doctor. She hasn’t pooped once this week at home. Awesome!

It is actually kind of funny to me that she does this. I’ve got to find the humor in it, right?! Does this happen to you too or is it just my silly baby?!

8 thoughts on “Oh poop!

  1. I hate diaper explosions! My little guy poops several times a day, at home or out and about. I’m always thankful when they happen at home and we are lucky if a day goes by that we don’t have one that leaks up the back or elsewhere.

    You are right, we just gotta laugh and find the humor. Thankfully my little guy just loves water and having his bottom washed in the sink.

  2. Thankfully for us and his cloth diapers we don’t have any explosions but theo is starting to poop at night. He is sleeping usually thru the night but he will wake up at like 2am and have pooped. It drives me nuts!! Im pretty sure it’s because he eats a good solid food dinner now. Oh well haha

  3. Timothy used to be like that, yes. I remember picking him up from the stroller once and his whole back was SOAKED in poop. And being outside, I didn’t even notice the smell. I felt like everyone was looking at me, judging (of course no one cared and no one looked)

    I find that as he gets older, he’s getting better with poop timing. Well, and poop isn’t liquid any longer, which helps containing it within the diaper.

    PS Try other diaper brands. We used to use huggies in the beginning and I had to change his clothes after every poop – which was 4 times a day. Along came pampers baby dry – and the leaks and explosions became much more rare. Happened – but maybe 1-2 times a week, not 4 times a day!

  4. Ah yes, the Poonami. Also known as a number 3.

    The jman has remarkable timing on the front. It’s horrible. I agree with ditching huggies, try another brand…in Australasia baby love are unbelievably good at preventing explosions.

    That being said, he still managed to explode all over the pram and himself in a one sided blow out TWO WEEKS IN A ROW at my mums n bubs exercise class. It’s all in the timing…..

  5. Molly’s poop location of choice is her exersaucer. I thought it was bad when she went in her car seat!! There’s no where for it to go but up and out. And now she’s only going ever couple of days or so.
    Good. Lord.
    Luckily I’ve got my stain removal system down pat! Haven’t lost any clothes yet 🙂

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