Scared – surgery for Roo

At Roo’s 6 month appointment, we found out that she needed to have her eyes checked by a pediatric ophthalmologist because of a suspected lazy eye.  It wasn’t surprising that she had a lazy eye because the doctor had noticed it much earlier but told us not to worry about it until she was four months old (she was a little more than for her adjusted at her 6 month appointment).  So, I took her this morning to a highly recommended pediatric eye doc.

Immediately the doctor said that she has not one but two lazy eyes.  The medically correct term for her eye condition is infantile esotropia.  Google it and learn more about it.  I had thought that she would probably need some therapy such as wearing an eye patch but I was in for a surprise when he strongly recommended surgery – as soon as possible.  He said that we could do eye therapy but it would be futile and more productive to do surgery.

It is a surgery that requires general anesthesia, which makes me super scared.  I hate the thought of my baby girl going under.  I’m also terrified that something will go wrong and she ends up without eye sight.  The whole thing makes me nervous.  So, we are getting a second opinion and making our decision from there.

The positive is that it is a fairly common surgery and is quick like getting tubes put in ears.

Agh!  We’ve been lucky that we’ve escaped any serious medical issues following her birth but this seems to be the most frightening to me.

Have any of you gone through this and can you share your stories to make me feel better?

8 thoughts on “Scared – surgery for Roo

  1. Abby had tubes in her ears at 15 months. It’s scary, but remember that they have to put every possible risk on the consent forms, even if they’ve only been reported once. And when it is a surgery like that that only takes a few minutes, you barely have those few minutes to get into real panic before you hear that they’re all done.

    I know you’re going to worry, but I know you’ll make sure Roo has the best possible care taken of her.

  2. Aww I’m sorry to hear this 😦 its good to get the second and make your descion from there. If you do get it done, she’ll do perfect and it I’ll be over before you know it!
    Good luck.

  3. I’m so sorry you guys have to go through this! It must be scary. I don’t have any experience with this, but I’m sure they will do everything perfectly and it will go smoothly. I will be praying for you & Roo!! *big hugs*

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