The Great Pacifier Debate

There is no doubt in our minds that Roo hates pacifiers.  She used to like them – the ones in the hospital.  However, since she’s been home, she intensely dislikes them.  We put them in her mouth to try to soothe her but she spits them out instantly.  Even when she is calm and we try them she spits them out.

The orange soothies from the hospital were the best and she sucked on them while in the hospital for the nurses.  Since then we’ve tried various brands – a total of four other brands, including one brand that moms reviewed and said that their babies took them when they rejected all others.  Roo?!  Nope, she spit it out instantly.

I’m OK with her disliking pacifiers but that means that she turns to me and my breast for comfort.  Also, I was hoping that she’d suck on a pacifier while sleeping but no such luck!  I hope that when she learns that she can suck on her fingers that she’ll suck her thumb – is it odd that I want her to do this?!

Does your baby love or hate pacifiers?  If love, which kind worked for you?

8 thoughts on “The Great Pacifier Debate

  1. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?
    I kind of pushed the pacifier on my daughter, probably for much the same reasons why you want Roo to take one. At the time it worked for calming her down and for not having me as the only source of comfort.
    Now, almost 22 months later and I’m really regretting it. I tried to take it away at 12 months, and it was just unbearable; I felt so bad at how much my baby needed it. Now I’ve told myself she can have it until she’s two, and am already dreading how difficult it’ll be to get rid of it. But I hang out with a LOT of “natural mamas” who frown upon me making my child “suck on a piece of plastic” and am always feeling incredibly self-concious about her asking for it in public. Next time around I’m going to avoid it altogether and encourage a different type of comfort item.

  2. Theo HATES pacifiers. Like looks at me like I’m trying to poison him if I put it in his mouth. He is 6.5 months now and still hasn’t learned to such his thumb either (which I am VERY VERY happy about) I honestly would rather him use a pacifier than his thumb.
    I figure now I am just going to wait and see. My mom said that if he hasn’t already begun sucking on his thumb he probably won’t. I am really hoping she’s right in that. And then in that case I don’t want him having a pacifier either. Cause not having to stop either habit it better obviously. I think part of theo not liking one is he also doesn’t drink bottles either so plastic in his mouth is a totally weird concept.
    A friends daughter just out of the blue started taking one at about 5 months, she’s almost 8 now. And her mom never pushed it on her. She would just try once and a while and now they can give it to her and she can fall back asleep with it (oh how I wish!!)

  3. There seem to be pros and cons to passy vs thumb – the main thing against a passy is that they can’t put it in their mouths themselves so in some way the baby is still relying on you. On the other hand, you can never get rid of the thumb / fingers. On the OTHER hand… whatever makes her stop crying, right? 😀

  4. Keltie randomly stopped liking her binky a few weeks ago – right around when she started finding her hands and fingers instead. She now sucks on her fingers / thumb, which makes it hard to teach her to do it to soothe herself! Colton still likes his binky, but not as much – we use the green Soothie pacifiers from the hospital.

    One thing I did bust out and it’s been pretty successful was their Sophie Giraffes. Once they were really into this everything in the mouth stage and holding stuff, Sophie became a hit! They hold and suck / chew on her all the time 🙂

  5. Baby G loves it, *I* hate it 🙂 He has always sucked on his fist/fingers and has recently started sucking/knawing on his thumb. But those won’t soothe him like the pacifier does.

    I only use it when he naps, goes to bed for the night, or if he’s fighting sleep while we’re out and he’s cranky. I might be okay with it if it weren’t for the fact that he has only started figuring out that he can put it back in his mouth when it falls out. And when it falls out it isn’t always by his mouth so he starts crying. Which means I am getting up a lot to put it back in his mouth (lately, 3 times within an hour at night — ugh!). This is why I hate it.

    We tried multiple pacifiers with Baby G. He only liked the Soothies that he was given in the hospital. It’s unfortunate because we received (and Hubby bought) a bunch of other brands. Luckily you can buy the Soothies in stores . We just bought a more age appropriate one and he hates that one!

    He knows what he like and wants, just like his mommy 😉

  6. My son hates pacifiers. He sucks a bit on his fingers to show me that he is hungry. He does use me sometimes as his pacifier, but not so much like before. The good thing is, that my boobs always calm him and put him to sleep. he is happy there, so i let him be and enjoy the time with him. Now when he eats, he sometimes looks up at me and smiles. I melt. I know that one day we will stop breasfeeding and he will not need me, so I cherish every moment I have while he is still this tiny person who relies on me.
    I was told that sucking on pacifier gives makes them more gassy, because they suck on air. So if it’s true, I’m glad he doesn’t like them. 😉

  7. Our little guy likes them sometimes and not others. I did end up bringing home extra from the NICU and then bought more online for backup. Here is where you can get the same ones. Maybe your NICU used them too: I figure, whatever works for your family. I have friends that have successfully weaned pacifiers with very little issues.

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