More of My Favorite Things

If you missed my first list of favorite things, check it out here.  Those items along with these have been items that I’ve come to love in the first two months of Roo!

For a night-light, I wanted something that I could use in our room and later in her nursery.  I read about this awesome night-light that sits on your nightstand or anywhere else and is rechargeable.  This light is AWESOME!  The Oxo Candel.a  Seriously, get this light!  I bought ours on

I hesitated to purchase a bottle warmer but with pumping and feeding her with a bottle a lot of her bottles were chilly from being in the fridge.  My mom went to BRU and purchased me the 1st Years Quick.serve Bottle and Jar Warmer.  So easy to use though Roo has very little patience once she decides that she needs to eat 🙂

I also didn’t decide until after Roo got home from the hospital that we needed a bottle sterilizer.  I guess because I originally wanted to exclusively breast feed and didn’t think that we’d introduce a bottle until later in her life.  The one that has worked well for us is the A.vent Microwave Steam Sterilizer (also purchased from BRU).  I like that it is easy and holds all of the parts of the Dr. B.rowns bottles that we use.  I also like that it is environmentally friendly.  I have friends and relatives who use the sterilizing bags but those can only be used two or three times before they have to be discarded.  No judgment 😉

Even though we are switching to cloth diapering Roo entirely, we used disposable diapers for most of her life so far.  The hospital got us hooked on P.ampers S.waddlers.  I really like them.  A friend’s son grew out of his newborn diapers quickly and so she gave me the rest of his disposable ones from 7th Gene.ration and I didn’t like them at all.  The bad thing about disposable diapers was that Roo got a diaper rash two weeks ago and we had to use diaper cream – Wel.eda, which worked and is supposedly cloth diaper friendly (though it left a stain) and the mother of all creams, De.sitin, which worked the best but isn’t cloth diaper friendly, so we went back to disposables for a while.  We will continue to use P.ampers S.waddlers when we need to use disposable as they work well other than giving her the occasional diaper rash.

Lastly, the little blue bulb from the hospital has been awesome!  I wish I had swiped another one.  I purchased the wacky nose bulb that you suck on but I have yet to take it out of the package.  I’ll probably use it once she is older.  I also have a comb that they gave us from the hospital and I love it.  The brush and comb that I purchase have also yet to be used 🙂

So, those are a few more items that have proven to be quite useful.  Are there other items that new mamas have enjoyed and would like to share and haven’t yet?!

One thought on “More of My Favorite Things

  1. I love love love the Aden & Anais swaddlers. I bought the easy Velcro kind but after being in the nicu, classic swaddling is the only thing I do. Their swaddlers are pricey and I really questioned whether they were a need but I’m addicted to them now. We use them for everything: blankets, burp cloths, etc.

    Also, I really like my diaper clutch. Since our little guy is still too little to need a lot, it’s great to clip that baby to his carseat and go. I’m not lugging the big diaper bag but he always has a couple diapers, wipes, cream, a clean outfit, and changing mat. It’s probably the thing I use the most. Ours is from skip hop.

    Also, the one thing I didn’t think I’d need but have used a lot is a backseat organizer for the car. Its like a mobile nursery. It’s packed with anything he might need: pacis, clean clothes, swaddler, diapering stuff, cream, nursing cover, etc. I just take it out every couple weeks and restock. I never have to worry about getting stuck somewhere without something he needs. Awesome peace of mind when rushing out of the house. I also keep a travel Boppy in the car for the same reason.

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