Happy Valentine’s Day!

After the train of a miscarriage, a roller coaster of infertility (DOR, elevated natural killer cells, etc.) and the very welcome and happy surprise of a BFP followed by extreme fatigue and terrible nausea, I have a lot of love for my husband.  MH has held my hand and been by my side every step of the way.  There were times when he probably could have walked away because I was riding the crazy emotional train and didn’t know how to use the brakes but he didn’t.  MH took everything in stride.  I seriously have more love for MH than I did when I accepted his marriage proposal.  Our vows promised to love and cherish each other through sickness and in health, etc.  He has come through for me and then some.  I love this guy.  Can you tell?

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a weekend escape to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Canada is just a two-hour or so drive from Seattle.  It’s so easy!  I’ve been to Vancouver once – a few years ago, I ran my first of two marathons in Vancouver and thought it was an awesome city.  I remembered correctly!

We ate some fantastic food (most of which I barely ate because my appetite is still missing), explored the city’s different neighborhoods and drove up to Whistler, which is not far at all!  We stayed at a gorgeous boutique hotel called The Loden, which I highly recommend.  It’s in a quiet yet central neighborhood that’s within walking distance from a lot of the sights including Stanley Park and one of my most favorite cupcake shops ever, Cupcakes!

We went to dinner on Saturday night and when toasting (me with a mocktail) we realized that next year we will be celebrating Valentine’s with Roo – who will be 6 months old!  WOW!!!!!!!  That’s perspective for you, right?!

We were back at our hotel and I was in bed every night about 9:30pm every night because I was so exhausted but it was a good exhaustion.  I felt better than I had in weeks, which was awesome because I was worried that I’d be dry heaving and gagging every five minutes while we were on this mini vacation.  It all worked out!

So, my friends.  In the world of infertility and life after infertility, I want to ask you to please stop by some of my friends and give them some good wishes and love:

  • Mrs. E is on bed rest in the hospital hoping that her twins stay in her belly for as long as possible (plus she is dealing with gestational diabetes)
  • Mrs. Green Grass had another BFN after another IUI and is feeling down
  • Marwil who is letting her little boy go way before his time following a devastating diagnosis at 19 weeks of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

There are so many others who I could list but I’m especially thinking of these girls right now.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Lots of love and good wishes to you on this special day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love that you say you love your husband now more than you did when he proposed. I feel the same way. (About my husband, not yours…lol…). Even though you have been through hell, it’s nice to know that marriage can still be like heaven.

  2. Thank you so much for thinking about me! I saw some traffic from your site today on my blog, clicked over, and was surprised to see my name! It means a lot and I am glad everything is still going well over here : )

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