HELP!!! Need Toddler Meal Inspiration

Now that Roo is wanting to eat “real” food and not pureed foods, I’m struggling with meal ideas.  I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for her meals.  I cheat a lot these days because I’m so busy with work and I feel guilty.  I rely a lot of Tra.der Joe.s.

At the moment, this is a typical day of meals for Roo:

Breakfast: Ea.rth’s B.est oatmeal made with a bottle of neo.sure and her vitamins, half a banana sliced, a small yogurt (whole milk), and sometimes also a piece of whole wheat toast with butter

Lunch and Dinner (usually interchangeable): Half an avocado sliced or a 1/4-1/2 cup of peas, carrots, corn and cauliflower in butter sauce (from TJs), half a banana sliced, an italian style or a turkey meatball (from TJs) or the lightly breaded fish sticks (without the breading from TJs)

I also give her applesauce, pureed squash or pears, string cheese (cut up into Roo sized pieces) and cheeri.os as other options. It’s so boring and I feel like it isn’t well-rounded.  Of course, I give her bites of my food when we are out and about or if I’m able to get myself a meal fixed at the same time as her meal – but that is rare.

HELP!  I need some toddler food ideas.  I’ve tried to make/save portions of our meals from the night before but they don’t seem to turn out well as leftovers.

What is your typical day of meals look like?

6 thoughts on “HELP!!! Need Toddler Meal Inspiration

  1. Try getting some bags of frozen veggies. Costco has a resealable mixed veggie. How about pasta?? I make pasta stars an mix them with creamed spinach, then put leftovers in ice cube trays and freeze it. You can also buy whole grain waffles and pancakes for the freezer too. Mix it up by putting spreadable fruit on them? Even smoothies! They say frozen fruits and veggies have the same nutritional value as fresh…

  2. My toddler is super picky & does not eat much. She likes fruit but not vegetables. She does not eat most meats but will eat meatballs or meatloaf, possibly because of the softer texture. I sneak chopped spinach into the meat to get veggies into her. I also found my daughter will eat just about anything if I roll it into a crescent roll. I do full meals inside crescents, turkey with corn, stuffing and cheese or shredded chicken with broccoli a little mayo and cheese. I cut these up bite size and she love it.

  3. I make big batches of meatballs (half pork half beef, bread, onion, garlic – no additional salt other than what’s already in the bread) and freeze them. I defrost two for a meal. C loves chicken, so however I’m cooking it, I’ll set some aside for him. Toast with nut butter or hummus. Pancakes (we use Pioneer Woman’s recipe for sour cream pancakes but use full fat yogurt instead, so reasonably high in protein/dairy for pancakes).

    He goes in and out of loving cheese. Loves frozen peas. Most fruits, though not banana or avocado. I try to do a protein + 2-3 fruits and veggies at each meal.

  4. We eat a LOT of paleo pancakes:

    They’re healthy and delicious. We do that or granola most mornings. For lunch or dinner (unless I’m having a salad) he generally eats what we do. He loves chicken! Small pieces if meat from our meals, veggies out of them. He’ll eat the meat and veggies out of curry or whatever. It’s forced us to eat much healthier so we have good foods to offer him, my hubby lost 20 pounds 🙂

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