I thought once your baby starts to sleep more or less through the night that new parent exhaustion would go away. It hasn’t for me. I’m exhausted. I feel even more so than when she was first born but I could only be hallucinating!

I think there are few contributing factors to my exhaustion:
1. I don’t have help anymore during the day – my parents were invaluable those first few months
2. I go to bed later now. Even though she goes to bed between 7-8pm every night, I stay awake until 10:30 or 11 getting stuff done or just putzing around
3. I’m still dealing with some depression, which doesn’t help my energy level. I’m still trying talk therapy before trying meds
4. Another blogger wrote about exhaustion and associated hers to breast feeding. She believes the higher fat content in breast milk is making her more tired. I don’t exactly understand how but I feel like this could be true. I imagine the higher fat content means my body is working really hard to make the milk, making me tired. My current weight is less than it has been in years and so I know my body is definitely working hard!
5. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I more often than not have insomnia and I can’t fall back asleep for at least another hour or so. Does that happen to you?

I was hoping that once my hike turned one that I wouldn’t be so tired anymore and I feel even more exhausted. Mommies, what is your experience? How do you combat exhaustion?

6 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. Food. When I eat worse I sleep worse. We switched to eating paleo a few months ago and although my little man still wakes 3ish times a night to nurse I’m sleeping great. It’s strange but its working. I go to bed late after him and maybe get 7ish hours total but I feel great.

    I don’t believe making breastmilk makes us tired, that just wouldn’t be very smart of Mother Nature 😛

  2. Charlie is fourteen months and I am as tired as ever. During her waking hours, she still eats every three hours. Because she is physically delayed, she depends on me more than other one year olds. She has quite a busy appointment schedule. She randomly goes on feeding strikes. Worry and stress are tiring. I’m struggling to keep on top of my health. I’m beat. I’m sorry you’re exhausted but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Great blog topic. 🙂

  3. My energy levels have been better when I exercise. Although it is winter here and on work nights I shattered because it is such a long day. But make sure you are getting lots of veggies and protein.

  4. Ummm you have a year of sleep deprivation and stress. It takes time to fully relax and time to recoup good sleep habits and time to recover. Diet and exercise help, as do good sleep hygiene habits like an earlier bedtime and always waking and rising at the same time. But above all, it takes patience with yourself and being kind to you. Both of which are really really tough for women in our world.

  5. My LO is 4.5 half months and I WAS getting sleep until he started rolling around and waking himself up. Now I’m a little deprived. I rely heavily on coffee and since I’ve started playing soccer again, I have a little more energy. Get out there and take a long walk and some sunshine. That should help!

  6. I second izzy and chon. Eat well. Really well. Small snacks very frequently, glass of milk before bed. And exercise. Not just walking with the pram, intense high impact stuff. A run, boxing, a big swim, something with bursts. You will sleep better, and it’s the best anti depressant on the market, hands down. Just two one hour sessions in a week and I’m a different person…even one makes a difference. Try one of the running apps like ease into 5k or couch to 5k if you have an iPhone. Get a locked in time slot same day same time so it’s a commitment. Hope you feel better soon. I think you get a built up sleep deficit and I feel worse & hungover until I get three nights good sleep in a row.

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