One and Roo’s First Word

Today Roo is officially and unequivocally a one year old. One year ago today was her estimated due date and a date that many people forget about once their baby is delivered but as a parent of a preemie, it is a date that is almost as important as the baby’s birth date.

I’m so excited for her!

At 13.5 months, Roo said her first word the other day, “mom.” Not mama or dada but mom. She looks straight at me and says it. I love it! She’s skipping straight to being a teenager 🙂

I can’t wait until she says it more regularly so I can get it on video. It is so sweet!

What was your babe’s first word?

8 thoughts on “One and Roo’s First Word

  1. Awww, happy official 1 year! The twins weren’t as early as Roo, but I still felt like their EDD was a big deal! That’s so awesome that her first word was mom…nice and succinct, I love it 🙂 F’s was “mum-mum” (yup, after the snack), then it was “hi.” C’s was “hi.” They’ve been saying/babbling “mama” for a while, but I didn’t count it because I couldn’t really tell when it switched from being a Sound They Could Make to a Word They Knew, if that makes sense?

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