Is My Baby The Only One…

…At 12 months old who does not eat “real” food?  She only eats pureed foods plus Cheeri.os, assorted puffs and Mu.m M.ums.  I’ve given her Quiche, scrambled eggs, avocado, banana etc. but those hardly count since those are super soft foods too.

It is partially her and partially me.  She doesn’t seem to want to eat anything more solid than a scrambled egg (other than the snacks mentioned above).  I’ve tried to give her food off my plate and she refuses it.

The part that is my “fault” is that I don’t push her.  I’m too scared that she will choke.  That is so lame, right?!  I’m terrified, actually.

I realized today at my mom’s group that she is the only one who doesn’t eat real food.  One little girl, full-term, one year old who doesn’t have any teeth eats real food – pieces of cheese, fruit, etc.

Help me!  What can I do to get her to eat “human” food?  What can I do to take away my own fears?  What were your little one’s first real solid foods?  How big were the pieces?  How long did it take to transition your little one away from primarily purees?

Thanks in advance for helping me not be a crazy mom with a two-year old who only eats pureed foot 🙂

12 thoughts on “Is My Baby The Only One…

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with what Roo’s eating. And two is a long way from today. She’ll be so different in another year! Just keep giving her choices. Abby has always eaten what we ate, although we didn’t find something she didn’t like until after her 2nd birthday–cantaloupe.

  2. Jman eats everything, but that’s him. You can’t compare kids. She won’t choke. She will gag. Often. Gagging is noisy, baby can still make noise, she’ll cough it up and pop it in again! Choking is silent. Baby can’t make noise. Quite different.

    The trick to gagging is big happy faces. If you watch her, despite being terrified, with a big exaggerated smiley face, she won’t panic about gagging. If you look stressed, she’ll be stressed. So big smiley face, and wait twenty seconds. Watch and wait. I don’t use a seatbelt in the high chair so I can whip him out quickly if he chokes, but his is a design that that is ok for. If she’s struggling after twenty seconds, follow first aid guidelines (45 degrees along your arm, chin in your hand, five hits between shoulder blades).

    First foods: avocado pieces, watermelon pieces, banana pieces, soft cooked sweet potato cubes, pumpkin. I tried for small pieces I would hold for biting but jman always sucked the whole thing off me. Green beans are good (stringless), broccoli trees etc

    With the size…trial and error. I has to be big enough to be picked up. At some point shell have so much in her mouth she can’t chew, then you just hook your finger in and clear it out and start again. Gross, but effective. A lot of kids gag if you feed them, but don’t gag on stuff they feed themselves.

  3. try a slice of skinless peach or nectarine… big enough to teeth on. And soft is ok. When you look at jarred food they go from totally puree to chucky soft. Remember just because some child stood up and marched around the house blowing a horn at one month has NOTHING to do with your child. We are all different.
    Drop competition and comparisons. Roo is adorable and healthy and happy. The horn blowing child has a parent with a different problem…

  4. I don’t have any answers because we are just starting but ill ask my sister. She’s creating a really good eater in my nephew! He’s also 12 months. His favorite foods are broccoli and black beans :). I would start with soft foods like avocado and banana that she can bite. Toast or other foods that “melt” with saliva…

    Check out

  5. Gil Rapley’s book on Baby Led Wraning may be helpful for you! It’s not about removing breast milk from baby’s diet but rather about letting baby decide when they’re ready for solids (non puréed foods). It talks a lot about the psychology behind solids in a baby’s diet, and more importantly about the natural defences babies have against choking. This may help you with your fears. It did a lot to ease mine!
    What I found helpful was to really watch how Molly handled food. How she used her hands and fingers, how she moved food around her mouth and if it was too much, would take it out and break it down somehow so it would fit. As I watched I began to trust that she knew what she was doing.
    Don’t worry too much about it! You’ll both find your groove 🙂

  6. Ozifrog and Christina said what I was thinking!
    I wanted to do BLW (baby led weaning) from early on, but hubby was worried about choking. So I did it while he was at work in the beginning. 😀 At 10 months old, there has only been 3 times that I have truly felt panic over choking. And only one of those times have I taken Paxlet out of his chair and started to turn him “upside down”. There have been many gagging moments, but he is very good at correcting the issue himself. You really just need to learn to trust your kid. It is definitely a hard thing to do as a parent.

    Steamed broccoli (minus most of the stem) is a huge hit in our household, along nectarine, bread, cheese cubes.. I will also steam veggies (carrot, broc, cauliflower, sweet potato, zuc, etc) and then mash them individually with potato in largish chunks. Paxlet is very good at shoveling them into his mouth. A lot still gets on the floor, but he is learning.

    But all in all, so long as you all are happy and healthy, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Keep introducing new stuff and Roo will get the hang of things.

  7. Maybe try Earth’s Best Organic Elmo Vegetable Soup. My girls (including an almost one year old) both love it. It has small peas, corn, carrots and noodles in a broth. Can either try it off the spoon or just put a bunch of it (sans broth, unless you want a mess) in front of her and see what she does. Its pretty colorful and flavorful, so maybe it will get her interested. Has a bunch of diff textures as well! My older one also loved this three sisters apple cin. oatmeal as a first food also! Tons of favor, good nutrition and different textures!

  8. I still feed the twins a lot of purées/green monster smoothies, so you’re not alone there! As for solids, (other than mum mums) the biggest I’ve given them are pieces of cracker, cheese, and soft fruit about half the length of my index finger. I cut into quarter-sized pieces medium-textured foods like chicken nuggets, chicken sausage, and steamed dumplings, and I chop/dice pretty much everything else except very soft foods like bread. To be honest though, I get the most in them when I do fried rice because I can throw in veggies, oil, meat, and sometimes fruit, and they just eat it by the spoonful. They’ve never really gagged and definitely haven’t choked, but sometimes I do have to reach in and scoop out food that they refuse to swallow.

  9. I totally get the choking fear. I’m kind of amazed at the end of every day that the kids haven’t choked. (And that they haven’t died in their sleep, or eaten poison, or drowned, or fallen off something high…ugh…I worry about way too much.) They (my kids) eat pretty much everything now and I haven’t had any choking scares at all, knock on wood. So I would reassure you that choking is rare. Also “real” foods are less messy than purees…not a lot, but some…and that was some motivation for me.
    All that said, what’s the rush? You’ll be ready eventually. I’m sure Roo isn’t going to go off to kindergarten with purees. 🙂
    GOod luck!

  10. Somehow I missed this posting! Our boys were premature too, and we had a terrible time with choking on foods and drinks due to them not processing properly, so I totally understand your fears. We didn’t offer anything hard until probably 14 months (and now they are 16 months and eating almost everything), so it changes fast! I know the one thing that helped considerably is working on rotation, both at the head and hips. We did this by making them turn to get toys while both sitting and standing primarily. Our therapist said there is a connection between chewing/oral skills and this rotation. Who knows, but I swear the choking stopped within about two weeks of doing these “exercises”.

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