I’m a Believer…

I started using some simple baby sign language with Roo when she was about six months old.  Words like “milk,” “more,” “all done”…

She watched me but didn’t do much with it until about two months ago.  She started to push our hands together to indicate “more.”  About three weeks ago, she started signing more on her own when she wanted more food.

Today, we were sitting on a blanket outside in our backyard.  I got her this awesome bubble blowing machine from Tar.get a week ago and she loves it.  We were sitting together and I stopped using the machine because she was just sitting there.  All of a sudden she started clapping her hands and smiling.  Then she looked at me and signed more over and over again until I started the machine again.

I was stunned but so excited.  She GETS IT!  She understands the concept of more beyond meal/food association!  I’m so proud of my little girl.

Am I nuts or isn’t baby sign language so darn cool?!

9 thoughts on “I’m a Believer…

  1. It is soo cool. All my friends do baby sign. I didn’t really get into it, but I did teach my son one sign, milk. We call it boobie and he signs it all the time, he will run to upto me doing to sign with both hands lol. Good for roo for learning fast!!!

  2. I love it!! The twins are starting to say a few words and are pointing a ton, but I still rely a lot on the signs to understand what they want. I feel like it makes life just that much easier! Great job, Roo!!

  3. Awesome! My little guy signed please for the first time the other day and i’m pretty sure my heart melted…. I really think they help babies talk because they can communicate and don’t feel so frusterated!

  4. I too love baby sign! It definitely melts a momma’s (and daddy’s) heart when they sign on their own for the first (few) times. I keep waiting for my guy to use other signs besides more and a couple of “all done”.

  5. Well done, Michelle! Your hard work showing the signs over and over as well as creating context is what made this happen (and a smart baby who is following your lead)! My daughter learned EAT and MILK at 6 months and signed back over 35 signs by 17 months -we worked on anything she was interested in. Check out your library for sign language board books and texts with pics to follow, and there’s great signing dictionaries online 🙂

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