It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things in life that add up to make a big difference, right?! Especially these days since a baby has many small advancements every day.

Well, yesterday, I won! I really needed to take a shower and I didn’t get a chance to before MH left. I’ve previously almost always either had a grandparent around to watch Roo or I’ve gotten up to do it before MH leaves for work.

I put the Nap N.anny on the floor by the sink where I’d be able to see her the entire time I was in the shower. I didn’t make a big deal of it when I put her in. I kept talking to her about everything I was doing and before I knew it, I had taken a very fast shower!! By the time I was out, she was crying and ready for me to pick her up without giving me a chance to put any make-up on or do anything except put my hair into a pony tail but I still showered!! I was proud of myself 🙂

Next time, I’ll probably let her cry a little longer but keep talking to her and do my make-up. I need to encourage her to know she’s fine to hang out on her own when I’m right there.

The women in my mom’s group have talked about bathing or showering with their little ones. I need to learn how to do that safely and then we can get two things done at the same time 🙂

I know she’s 16 weeks old but I’ve gotten a lot of help and her adjusted age is just 9 weeks, so I don’t feel so bad about getting a late start in this area 😉

What do you do with your little one when you get ready? Do you bathe or shower with your baby? How do you do it safely?

8 thoughts on “It’s the Small Things

  1. The last few weeks Sylvia has become obsessed with a musical mobile in her crib. She kicks and babbles at it for 15-20 minutess (it’s battery powered and runs for 20 minutes). I put her in and run the mobile while I shower. If she cries towards the end, it’s okay.

  2. Right now there is a short window after feeding where I can swaddle and put them down and they will stay asleep (about an hour or less). I do everything in that time… pumping, showering, making food, whatever. Then the boy starts to wake up, then the girl, and the cycle begins again!

  3. I put them in their bouncy seats just outside the bathroom door (two bouncy seats don’t fit side by side in my bathroom but I can see them both) and I shower. Running the hair dryer is actually soothing white noise for them. I’m able to shower, toss some make-up on, and dry my hair when they’re content. I ALWAYS shower right after I feed them so I know their diapers are clean, their bellies are full, and they really have no reason to be crying. 🙂

  4. I take a bath with my baby on nights that he needs a bath, every 2-3 days, I don’t know what safety concerns you have about bathing with your baby? I just hold onto him, have him sit on my legs or hold his head up while the rest of his body floats in the water, been doing it since he was 2 weeks old, he loves it!

  5. I try and shower either when she’s down for her morning nap or before my husband leaves in the morning, but if that’s not possible I have a bath shower, where I plop her I her chair In the bathroom and have a bath, pulling the shower head down to do my hair. That way she can see me! She usually lasts until I get out. Whew!
    Congrats on showering successfully! Who knew we’d be so proud of such a standard thing?

  6. I’m terrified of showering with mine! I have friends who have done the same, but I have visions of dropping him. I’ve considered going to bath route though. If I don’t wake up early enough, G ends up crying in his crib until I can at least get dried off. I’ve started getting dressed in the living room now. It’s amazing how new such a simple task can be so difficult now!

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