The Love of a Grandfather

I’m very sad this morning. About three weeks after Roo was born my dad arrived to help. He’s an emergency room doctor and a busy man, who helps people all over the world who can’t afford or get access to proper medical care, and he stopped his life to help us care for our new baby. Our baby who wouldn’t sleep anywhere but someone’s arms. For five weeks, he stayed up all night and held her, waking me with a text message when she needed to eat every two-three hours.

For the past few weeks, as she shifted to sleeping in my arms in our bed, he’s turned into her best pal during the day. He took her for long walks in her stroller so I could help my mom organize our new house (we moved in 10 days before my water broke). He read books to her, played music for her on the iPad. He changed more diapers than I have. He adores this baby.

I’m a daddy’s girl and I’m so happy that he loves my daughter as much as I do!

He left this morning to join my mom at a family wedding and then he’s off to Nepal where he will trek into the Himalayas for a week and provide medical care to people living in a remote mountain village. I get scared when he does these things. My dad is a thyroid and kidney cancer survivor. Just a year and a half ago, he had surgery for his kidney cancer. I worry that these types of activities will stress his body but I know he’d rather keep going and give back for what he’s been given than stay put.

So, I can only look forward to his return for the Christmas holidays!

My mom returns from the family wedding for just two days next week before she heads back to Europe. She arrived the day after Roo was born.

The two of them have been so helpful but its time for MH and to fly on our own. I know we can do it! Every other new parent has done it 🙂

It’s just that many new parents have family near by to help. I’m going to miss both of them terribly. In fact, I’ve been urging them to move here even for just part of the year!!

Anyway, you must think I’m a big baby for needing so much help with just one tiny baby. But I do. She’s a demanding handful. Luckily, she is becoming less colicky and her reflux is starting to get better. As she sleeps with us, I’m able to get some sleep too and she sleeps for longer stretched now. The hardest part of being on my own is getting things done since she will only play by herself for about 5-10 minutes before screaming. I’ll have to invest in some ear plugs 😉

9 thoughts on “The Love of a Grandfather

  1. Awww what an amazing bond!

    Have you tried putting her in a carrier (Moby wrap, Ergo, etc…) and wearing her so you can do other things at the same time? Keltie went through a colicky period and that’s what I did.

  2. My baby is the same. Any time he’s awake he’s fussy. I don’t have family near me either and flew back home just to get some help while my husband is away. Anyone who doesn’t have a colicky baby doesn’t understand, it’s hard!!!

  3. So, I made a discovery this week and I wanted to share it with you. Your baby sounds like my baby, fussy when she’s awake, will only sleep being held, etc etc. Two weeks ago we decided to do an experiment at the urging of my midwife and eliminate all dairy to see if baby’s demeanor changed, none of us really thought he had a dairy issue as he wasn’t displaying all of the characteristics usually associated with a dairy allergy but we thought we would try it anyway just to eliminate the possibility. Well, sure enough a full 2 weeks after eliminating all dairy from my diet I suddenly have a brand new baby! He’s happy again! I can set him down again! He has chunks of time where he’s completely content just sitting on the couch staring at the fan happily entertaining himself! I know dairy allergies are rare, but I would encourage you to try it and see if she changes!

    • Great suggestion! I’ve definitely thought of this as I had a milk allergy when I was a baby but I am holding off as I dread going dairy free. It seems like so much work. But I went GF to get pregnant and I can do this too for my baby 🙂

  4. Good luck with this transition! I don’t think you’re a baby at all. I think about this a lot…It’ll be good once my husband’s job search is over, but I dread the day he goes back to work and I have to take care of the twins without him…I’m sure I’ll make it happen but hard to imagine…
    And sorry you are missing your parents…that’s hard…

  5. This post made me cry a little. I think it’s amazing that your parents were there to help so much and I find it utterly heart warming that your dad availed himself for his granddaughter as he did. So sweet!
    Sal x

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