Update on feeding and sleeping

We have had Roo home with us for two weeks now. Those two weeks have been the longest and the shortest! She is getting stronger every day and has gained a lot of weight – at her last weekly weigh in she was up to 5 lbs 9 oz. Our baby girl is growing!!

My mom brought in a post-partum doula to help us last week for a night. She was nice but there were some downsides to her as well. What I loved was that she watched Roo all night and I could let my mom get a good night’s sleep. I also was able to sleep better because I wasn’t feeling guilty. I still had to pump of course but it was nice to have someone watch her while I slept between pump sessions.

I didn’t like that she was pushing attachment parenting on me. I’m all for attachment parenting for those who believe in it but it isn’t for me. She told me that children who co-sleep are better children and I just don’t agree. She said that the only way to properly feed a baby in the middle of the night is to co-sleep, etc. I just tuned her out. We have one more night with her and we will bring her in for a night when my parents go away for the weekend. I highly recommend bringing in a night nurse/post-partum doula to help out at least once or twice! If we do it again, I might find a different person to come in and help.

I also visited a lactation consultant. She was awesome!! Since that visit last week, I am more confident in my breast feeding skills and Roo is doing well (she still only does two whole feeds on the breast to prevent too many calories burned) and I’m confident that my mill supply will go up as her needs go up. Actually seeing my supply increase as her needs increase.

I started taking one fenugreek tablet a day, which seems to help. I also see increased production in the pump session immediately following one of my nursing sessions. I love it!!

Pumping every three hours is still the hardest piece of this. I’m so damn exhausted from waking up this often that I can hardly believe I can write this post! I know that babies who are breast fed exclusively also eat every three hours but the pumping part is really taking a toll on me. It helps to have the additional pump parts (thanks, Beth!) but it is hard to pump. I’d rather have Roo at my breast 😦

I can’t wait until I can exclusively breast feed her. Our pediatrician says that I can wean her off of the milk fortifier, which is mixed in with my breast milk, once she hits the 50th percentile. She is at the 7th percentile right now. We have a loooooong way to go.

Are there any other moms of preemies who can share their experiences transitioning from bottle with fortifier to exclusively breast feeding?

Thinking of you all in my sleep deprived haze!!


6 thoughts on “Update on feeding and sleeping

  1. You are so amazing. I am so impressed with how you’re getting through all this and continuing to pump despite how much it interferes with sleep.You are my inspirationg and Roo is so lucky to have you. (P.S. I love that you’re still calling her Roo!)

    And I’m pissed at your post-partum doula for pushing co-sleeping on you. PISSED. If a parent chooses that, I support that. However, statistics show that the probability of SIDS goes up exponentially when they co-sleep and to be pushing it on a parent who isn’t comfortable is terrible! And you need your sleep too, having her in your bed may just make it harder to sleep for you! It’s just not her place to push something on you that isn’t what you want, I hope you can find someone else to help out occasionally that is more open minded and supports your decisions because frankly, the mama always knows best! xoxo

  2. I also love that you’re still calling her Roo on the blog! Such a cute nickname, even if you don’t use it in real life 🙂

    Yeahhhhhhh I don’t believe in co-sleeping! I also don’t believe in “attachment parenting”! I believe you do what feels right to you as a mom, and to me that means putting the baby down sometimes, like to sleep. (If “attachment parenting” feels right to someone, then wonderful!) Anyway, I’m glad you are able to tune her out and do what feels right. 🙂

  3. I completely feel for you…. I too had to do the uptown pump and then bottlefeed for 4 months with my premie daughter but it was cause she was lazy and didn’t want to nurse…. and honestly I know that its scary and you want to do everything the drs tell you but if she will nurse more often I would start nursing instead of pumping…. your body will produce more of the fatty milk with her at breast than with the pump…. and after my daughter got over her jaundice we fed every 4 hrs at night that way we weren’t completely zombies. Do what you think works best if some nights you’re really tired then go 4 hrs between feeds…. it will help…. I think by the time she was 6lbs (born at 5lbs 2oz came home at 4lbs 12 oz and took over 2 weeks to hit 6lbs) I was letting her wake me up to eat at night. She would on her own go 3.5 to 4 hrs. That way she was letting me know she was hungry… we weren’t on fortifier once home so I never had to add it but they added it to her feeds while in the nicu. But seriously one she started breast feeding at 4 months old she ate alot more andgained weight faster than she did drinking strictly pumped breastmilk before that….

    • Thanks! It is nice to hear about your experience. I’m glad to hear that your daughter gained weight faster with breast feeding.

      We have a pediatrician appointment today at 10 and I’ll ask how many of her feeds should be with the fortifier and maybe we can meet in the middle.

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