These are a few of my favorite things..

Two days before Roo was born, I shopped online for all of the “little” and big items that we needed but not yet purchased. It turned out I was smart to do it when I did with her early arrival! Some of these items have turned out to be lifesavers 🙂

No one told me that after giving birth, you bleed for weeks and weeks. Why didn’t you tell me?! 🙂 I used Alw.ays In.finity pads and they were fantastic. Large enough and absorbent enough without feeling like I was wearing a diaper. I took all the hospital pads that the nurse gave me but these Al.ways pads were great for once the super heavy bleeding was over and I was ready to feel more normal again!

I also needed none-thong pa.nties to wear during the postpartum phase. But, because the postpartum pads were so large, nothing I had in my closet worked. So, I went online and purchased several pair of maternity p.anties. The brand that I like the most are L.amaze Intimates Hi Cut. Very comfortable. I bought them from

Ni.pple cream has been a lifesaver also. I use it less and less as they become less sensitive and used to pumping and from bre.ast feeding. The brand that I love is for use before and after and is safe for the baby: Bella B Ni.pple Nurture Butter. Also purchased from the above website. LOVE! A little goes a long way.

A nursing bra is a must – that is when I wear one. Being at home 24/7, I often skip one because that is even easier 🙂 The bra that I bought and love (and have purchased again since) is the Br.avado Designs Silk Nursing Bra. It is very comfortable and easy to use (with some practice). I take out the padded inserts. In their place, I use washable nursing pads. I also have tried disposable ones but I don’t like them very much. The washable ones are 100% organic cotton and feel much better on my skin. I got mine on

In my original post on bre.ast feeding, I raved about the hands-free nursing bustier. I still love mine and wish I had two for when mine is being washed. The brand is Simple Wishes. Get one immediately if you pump for any significant amount of time!

A newborn only needs a bath every two to three days otherwise his/her skin can dry out. Their skin is very sensitive – or at least Roo’s is, which makes sense because mine is very sensitive! I use M.ustela 2 in 1 hair and body wash. It makes Roo smell really good! I learned recently that it might have parabens in it, which I don’t like so I’ll do some more research and if so will stop using it but for now I’m loving it 🙂

Roo got a diaper rash when she was in the NICU. It sucked. Her little bum was so red and sore. They prescribed her a diaper cream which helped clear up the rash very quickly. However, it is a prescription cream and I wanted to use something less medicinal on her bum on a daily basis. So, I did some research and found one that will work once we transition her to cloth diapers (ie, cloth diaper friendly). I found and use We.leda Baby Calendula Diaper Cream. So far we’ve had no diaper rash issues!!

A friend, Hi Sandy!, lent me her Bre.ast Friend Pillow, which is nice but I also ended up purchasing the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, which is awesome! I have found that I use a regular pillow more than any other support because of Roo’s size and where she fits snuggled up to my body. But, this nursing pillow is awesome for when I’m snuggling with her and I don’t want her to slide anywhere away from me. Seriously worth the extra expense. I LOVE THIS PILLOW!!! Everyone fights for it on the sofa 😉

I can’t wait to write about my experience with cloth diapers. But since Roo is still too tiny for them, we are using P.ampers Swaddlers and love them. I’m doing my part by using cloth wipes to start. I ordered 45 organic wipes from this etsy seller. They are seriously soft and we use them also as burp cloths and wash cloths for her bath time.

There are more but Roo is starting to stir in my arms. I’m happy to share more on any of these items just let me know.



[Note: all opinions are my own and I paid for all products myself].

6 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things..

  1. Haha, I think great minds think alike! I wrote about my top three favorite baby things this morning. I also liked the Al.ways pads. I didn’t realize the ones at the hospital were so… HUGE!

    I can’t wait to hear about your cloth diapers 🙂 I need to write a post on how that’s working out for us!

  2. This post is SO helpful. I just added some things to my registry and my own shopping list for when baby comes. Thanks for sharing and please do post about the cloth diapers once you start using them 🙂

  3. I have the same hands-free pumping bra and really like it. I did splurge and buy second one (right before it turned out I didn’t need to pump quite as much) but got a pumpease one. They have really cool patterns and you don’t have to deal with the elastic—-they are worth checking out too.

  4. My guess on the perscription ointment was they were using the uw butt balm. If so it is a mixture of desitin, a&d ointment and lanicain to help numb the pain. My oldest had horrible diaper rashes from 12 months to 20 months she couldn’t have any juice,only fruit was bananas, and nothing with tomato or their sauce at all or her butt got a horrible rash within 3 hours. That stuff is great on the really bad rashes.

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