A Love Letter to Roo: Two Years Old

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl!

I can’t believe that on Saturday you turned two. You have made me so proud. You’ve been through a lot in your two short years and your demeanor and spirit is so sweet and happy that I know you’re not scarred.

In the last month, you’ve taken off. You’re walking. No…running. Your dada taught you how to walk backwards last weekend and so now you want to walk backwards all the time. It’s so cute. You’re still getting the hang of things – even four weeks later – and look like a drunken sailor just off the boat but you’re walking and that’s all that matters! You got your first two wounds – the first a bloody lip after chasing a ball and falling outside and then a very bruised cheek a day later after falling into the coffee table. You looked a little worse for the wear and I felt bad but you didn’t miss a beat. Few tears that cleared up after a couple of cuddles and kisses.

You haven’t gained many words but have a few new ones:

  • Aaah…ffff (off)
  • Boo (Blue)
  • Mo (Elmo)

Your imagination has sparked like a wildfire! You love to feed your little friends and take them for walks. You pretend they walk, bouncing them up and down with their feet barely touching the ground. It’s so cute. Your love of your stuffed animals is great (much like mine when I was your age). You’re just now starting to like dolls and it is sweet when you bring them over to me to nurse – just like you (still!) do!

One of your favorite things is to go to the park. You love being outside. Luckily, there are a few parks within our neighborhood and we can easily walk or drive to them all. You love sitting at the top of the slide and watching the kids play soccer and the adults do tai chi (you even imitate their arm movements). It is adorable. Your favorite activity is to play with the soccer ball. You think it’s hilarious to watch mama try to shoot a basket. You clap enthusiastically even when I miss (which is often!). We’ve started going to the park with your therapists to get out of the house. It’s working really well!

You have become quite the picky eater. Your favorite foods right now are:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Trader Joe’s Italian style meatballs
  • Corn (preferably right off the cob)

And, not much else. We meet with a feeding therapist tomorrow to see what might be able to help get you eating more.

Your little body has been through so much with lots of testing the past couple of months. We’re still waiting to get back test results (get pre-authorized for genetic testing) but no matter what the results are you are loved!

Your sweet little voice calls out for mama every morning when you wake up. You snuggle and love on your Kangaroo until one of us comes to get you. You are very opinionated when it comes to the clothes and shoes that you wear. You don’t like to wear things that you’re not familiar with and get very upset when offered something new. You love your routine.

Your favorite song is Wheels on the Bus. We could sing it or watch it on YouTube for hours (if only, I let you!). You can sign it from start to finish. Your sign language skills are growing and you have a number of new signs:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Help
  • Water
  • Again

You’ve also gotten really cuddly. You run over to give me hugs and then take off to play again. You love to sit on my lap and read books. And, if you look up and see one of your friends close by, you’ll get up and bring them over too. Sometimes, we have three friends sitting in my lap while I read a book. Your favorites are Kangaroo (who you sleep with every nap and night), Elmo and Cookie Monster.

At two, you’re a budding artist. You love finger-painting and have also taken to painting with a brush. The other day in school, we put trucks in paint and ran them over paper. That was so fun! You could have done that for hours.

Mama is so proud of you! I can’t wait to see how you’ll develop in the next few months. I love your sweet face and adorable smile. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

I love you to the moon and back!




3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Roo: Two Years Old

  1. She is adorable and on her own schedule for growing. Glad sign is working so well for her. Hoping you are able to get genetic testing and find positive answers. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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