Inspired and Improved

You all inspired me to just try some more table foods and face my fears. After reading your comments, I tried a few table foods from my own plate to see what would happen. And she ate things from my plate that a week ago I would never imagined she would want to eat.

Thank you!!! Because of you, I’m improving the way my daughter eats and I’m helping her grow. I’m getting over my fears.

Since I posted about food, I’ve given her and she’s eaten/enjoyed:

Refried beans
Fresh peach
Cheese (which she’s had before but I tried again)
Toast with butter
Mac and cheese

All of these foods were from my plate. I’m now inspired to look for more ways to incorporate finger foods into her meals.

One issue I’ve come across is when I encourage her to take the food from her tray with her own fingers she stops wanting to eat what I’ve offered her, even from me. She seems to only like food that is hard to the touch. I think she has some sensory issues that I need to ask our therapist about.

But, I will stay encouraged and keep offering her food from my plate. I also went to Pinterest (I’m addicted) and pinned a bunch of toddler food ideas. It seems like a lot of work and I’m a little daunted but it might just mean that MH and I will have to start eating toddler type meals too!

Where do you get your toddler food inspiration? Did your preemie/little one have sensory issues with touching food?

Here she is going to town on Cheer.ios.