At the end of last week, we got a call from Roo’s pediatric endocrinologist. The latest test results came back and her elevated TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) levels were even more elevated than the test from a few weeks earlier

May – 8.4
June 12.5
Normal range is 4.5

The endocrinologist wasn’t sure why those levels are high and all of her other test results came back within range. The elevated range indicates that she has hypothyroidism. It could be one piece to the puzzle of why she is developmentally delayed.

So, Roo has started to take 25 mg of Levo.thyroxine every morning before she eats breakfast. Interestingly, the medication is a pill. My first thought was how the he.ll am I supposed to get my 2-year-old who doesn’t eat anything but sweet potatoes to swallow a pill? However, genius instructions showed me how. I crush the pill between two spoons and dissolve it in some water, which I suck up into her medicine dropper. Easy peasy. Roo takes it like a champ!

Thank. goodness.

We go back in three months for another round of blood tests to check her levels and to see the endocrinologist again. Hopefully by then, we will have gotten our genetic testing approved and completed. Sigh.

Anyone else’s little have a hypothyroidism? Did the meds help?



I need to vent: I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I have so much going on with work and then I have this intense pressure to make sure Roo is going to be ok. I’m waiting for the referral to Seattle Children’s to go through so I can make an appointment for her to see a neuro developmental specialist, which has a three-four month wait. She’s most likely going to need surgery on her eyes again in the next month or two. I just want my baby to be ok and catch up. Everyone tells me that she will but then they want me to get more testing done on her and that makes me think that she won’t be ok and I’m scared.

I just want to curl up and wake up when this is all over.

It is just this week that is tough with work so I just need to get through it. It really sucks that my mom left when I feel like I need her the most. (AND, I got a call from someone who wants me to consult on the most amazing opportunity with a big NY client but I just can’t take anymore on my plate. I passed it on to a friend).

I want to just sit around and cry and feel sorry for myself but that just isn’t productive. Can someone bring me some candy cane hershey kisses? Or at least remind me to stock up on them next Christmas so I can keep them around for my next meltdown.

OK. Thanks for listening and letting me feel sorry for myself.

PS: Anti-depressants are working (!) but they don’t seem to help during times like this 😦